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Maintenance Progress Chart
version 2.0
This is a spreadsheet I created to keep track of your weight once you’ve reached goal. Since the focus isn’t on how much weight you’ve lost, now, but that you stay within your goal range, some of the columns are different the my original weight loss charts below.

Maintenance Progress Chart
version 2.0k
This is the same spreadsheet as above, but BMI is figured based on kilograms instead of pounds.

Weight Loss Progress Chart
version 2.4
This is a spreadsheet I created to help me track my weight loss. It graphs your loss and figures out your BMI, your average loss, potential date to reach goal, etc. You must have Microsoft Excel to use this spreadsheet.

Weight Loss Progress Chart
version 2.4k
This is the same spreadsheet but BMI is figured based on kilograms instead of pounds.

Weight Loss Progress Chart
version 2.7b
This is the same spreadsheet but with an additional area for the second year. If you think it will take you longer than a year to reach goal, download this version.

Weight Loss Progress Chart
version 2.7bk
Again, the same spreadsheet but this is two year and based on kilograms.

Weight Loss Checklist
This is based on the info found on Dotti’s site which is in HTML format and takes up more pages. This is meant to print and carry with your journal to check off items as you accomplish them.

Recipe Point Counter
version 2.1
I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of family recipes on standard recipe cards, or written out on napkins or whatever was handy. They don’t have any of the nutritional information on them. I could enter them into my cooking software, but my cooking software doesn’t take into account that I’m using fat free mayonnaise or that my margarine is only 50 calories a serving or whatever. This tool allows you to enter the nutritional value of ingredients you find on the packaging and it figures out the points per serving. What I do is print it, fill out the stuff by hand in the kitchen while I’m making whatever, and then go back to the computer and enter in the data.

PDA Recipe Point Counter
version 1.0
This is the same recipe point counter as above, only everything is abbreviated so that when you synch it to your PDA, it fits a little better on the screen.

Estimating Amounts
This is taken from a page of the booklet, Nutritive Value of Foods, put out by the USDA. It’s to help you “eyeball” how much food you’re about to consume. The Weight Watchers books has some of this, but I think this is a little more helpful. It’s in PDF format and a complete swipe, but I figure it’s a free booklet (get the link on the Links page) so they shouldn’t care that I’m giving out a single sheet… right?
SparkPeople Inc. is a leading online preventive health company whose goal is to help as many people as possible reach their goals and lead meaningful lives. All of their programs and services are medically sound, completely free of charge, community-based and accessible. (That’s straight from their site).

Point Tracker Spreadsheet – New!
Click here to download
This is a replacement for your paper journals. Enter your WW Points target and your daily food intake. It will keep a running total but the neater part is that you can see a graph of your week showing which days you tend to pig out (is it right after you weigh-in?!). It has a Points calculator but it uses a slightly different formula than what I was told was WW This was recently emailed to me and I love it! Thanks to Justin Kelso! You must have Microsoft Excel and you must enable macros to be able to use this spreadsheet. I know that’s a scary thing since you don’t know me personally and I don’t know Justin. But I haven’t had any problems.

Online Weight & BP Tracker
A free online tool for tracking your weight progress. Create your own login and password so you can access your own private tracker. It’s an awesome piece of software. You can even give yourself mini-goals and set a countdown to those goals. You can view, print and email your progress report. View and print graphs of your progress… It’s very cool! It’s also FREE, but you can donate money to the creator via PayPal as a way of thanks for all of the work!

Weight Watchers Point Calculator and Journal for Palm OS PDA
This is the most incredible piece of PALM OS software! It’s mainly a journal but it has a way to look up points on databases you can download or create yourself. It will calculate points based on calories/fat/fiber content, and calculate activity points based on your weight. It calculates your BMI. It also you to modify how you bank your points, modify your point ranges, add text notes, keeps track of your water, diary and veggies. It slices! It dices! This program ROCKS. And best of all, it’s completely free! Though I recommend you read the info and donate to the EARS foundation as a thank you to the creator.

Palm Pilot Point Databases
Here are some databases you can download for your Palm OS PDA. You can download various restaurant points, Healthy Choice & Lean Cuisine points.

Weight Commander
This is an awesome program for tracking weight loss, exercise, measurements, for creating shopping lists, keeping a journal… I can’t list them all! You can use the program free for 5 days before you have to pay. But it’s only ten bucks! The first link is for a Windows only program with all the bells and whistles. Great tips, a analysis of your lsoing (or gaining) trend, a place to show measurements and all kinds of stuff! The second is for a web-based version. It doesn’t have all of the same bells and whistles but it’s all on the web so you can be at any computer AND it has a place for entering Weight Watcher’s Point, carbs, and calories. Weigh cool! I’m using both!

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference
Download a search program to access the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (SR), Release 16-1. This is a cool Palm OS application that gives you the nutrition data on just about any food you can imagine. It’s a very large program, though, so make sure you have space for it.

Body Fat Calculators
These are all links to sites where you can enter in some measurements and your weight and it will calculate your body fat percentage:

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  • On My Weigh » Blog Archive » Fixed the 2 year charts writes:
    August 1st, 200610:29 pmat

    […] A couple of people pointed out that my two year charts had a bug in them. They second year sheet began its calculations on the wrong cell from the first year. A simple fix. So if you were using a two year chart from my tools page, you can download a new version and copy/paste in your old version data. Or you can send me your old version and I’ll send it back to you in the new version. Just email me at anna (at) this domain name. […]

  • JP writes:
    May 29th, 20093:59 pmat

    I recently was laid off and had to cancel my WW account. I assumed that the online points tracker would still be available to me (come on, I was paying all that money to go to the meetings, right?) but I was wrong. The tracker was removed from my profile and I fell off the WW wagon hard; I really am not a pen and paper tracker, it proved to be cumbersome.

    The other day I was surfing the web and came across your site. This excel version of the points tracker is great. I am back on the wagon and had to write to thank you!

    Jenna :)

  • Tina Walker writes:
    August 16th, 20094:07 pmat

    Thank you for the tools…I love WW, but with these hard economic times, I cannot do the meetings – however, I have plenty of materials here at home, and now with your tools provided here, I can track everything on my own!


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