A weighs to go…
Mar 17th, 2004 by Anna

Well, I’m doing really well getting back to me. I’ve lost over eight pounds in a week. I don’t believe that’s too fast, either. A lot of that was still residual baby fat from the pregnancy. My milk supply is good – maybe too good, but that might be too much information for most of you – so I’m not worried about Nathan’s health. I don’t think I’ll keep up this weight loss pace, but it sure is nice for now!

I added a food find to my web page today. They’re muffins from YUM!! They sent me a sample AGES ago and I forgot they were in my freezer. I had a couple this morning and I think I’m hooked! Check them out!

A reminder for anyone that emails me… check out the warning on my home page. I have a very aggressive SPAM filter and if I don’t respond, it’s likely I didn’t get your email. Other than commenting to journal entries, the way to make sure I read your mail is to use the link on my main page and leave the subject heading of your email alone. I hate to think some of you might not be getting responses from me…

Well, Nathan calls, gotta nurse the baby. He’s a boob man… like his daddy. Ha ha!

I’m SO ready…
Mar 16th, 2004 by Anna

I said I was giving myself until Monday (yesterday) to get back on program. I couldn’t wait. I started I think Thursday or Friday. I’ve been on program since, using the FlexPoints. I’m trying not to focus on the scale so much, but it’s SO depressing to realize how far I have to go. Nothing fits me. Just about everything I own is small or medium tops and size 4 or 6 bottoms. I have just a few large t-shirts and I’m wearing my husband’s jeans. I just don’t want to wear maternity clothes anymore. I’m hoping that I can bum out with what I’ve got until my maternity leave is up and then maybe I’ll fit in some of the clothes I bought when I was very early in pregnacy but not ready for maternity clothes. I know it’s going to take awhile to get back to a six. But I’ll do it. I’ve VERY anxious to start some exercise. I’ve been itching to do Pilates to help get this stomach under control, but I don’t think I’m allowed to yet. I’m going to call my OB and see. Can’t wait to get back to me!!!

How I lost 10 pounds in 24 hours!
Mar 10th, 2004 by Anna

He’s here! My precious boy has joined the family. Nathan Kyle was born at 3:42am, Monday, March 8, 2004. He weighed 8 lbs, 4.9 oz, and was 21 1/2 inches long. He’s absolute precious. My four year old is smitten. My two year old is suspicious. Jonathan and I are… overwhelmed!

I’m not thrilled about how much weight I have to lose to get back to goal. Whoa. But I know I can do it. I’m going to start full force on Monday. I don’t want to focus too much right now when I really need to be worrying about other things. On Monday I’ll evaluate how much I have to lose and how long it will take to get back to goal. Watch this space!

Oh… that’s *heartburn* not hunger!
Feb 17th, 2004 by Anna

I feel like a dope. The last three weeks at least, I’ve been hungry… REALLY hungry in the evenings. Doesn’t matter how much I’d eaten already. I thought it was a pregnancy thing, and I tried to fill the pangs. But a few minutes after eating, and I’d been hungry again. Hmm… Well, the other day it occurred to me… That’s not hunger, that’s HEARTBURN! I’ve suffered from GERD for the better part of ten years, but it’s always as severe chest pains. Apparently my stomach acids creeped up in my esophagus. If I had thought about it, I would have realized that the “hunger pangs” were a little high. But I think I wanted them to be hunger. *sigh* I gotta go buy some TUMS now…

Less than two months…
Jan 12th, 2004 by Anna

… and I should be on my weigh again, to my old/new body. Or is that my new/old body? Whatever. On my weigh back to goal.

The pregnancy is going pretty well. I appreciate the kind comments and well wishes. We’re not planning on finding out the sex until the big day. Everyone is telling me I’m carrying a boy, but they said that for Madelynn and she’s definitely a girl. The Chinese calendar was right for both girls and says this one will be a girl, too. Who knows? I’m more interested in healthy than what’s between the legs anyway.

I’ll continue to post periodically. When I get back on program for real, though, that’s when I’ll be more regular at blogging. Thanks for hanging in there!

Happy Holidays (Belated)
Dec 27th, 2003 by Anna

Well, I let things slide over the holidays. No excuses.

I’m so excited about getting my body back. I mean, I just LOVE feeling this baby moving around inside of me. My husband finds my pregnant belly (and other pregnancy-enhanced body parts) very sexy. But I just can’t wait for the flat tummy and the size fours. I’d love to be back in my old body by the time I’m back from maternity leave but that may be pushing it – I’m only getting five weeks. I’m going to try though! Watch this spot! :)

Not so bad
Nov 21st, 2003 by Anna

Have you ever put something off because you thought you were going to hate doing it? Even though you knew it was the best thing to do, you didn’t think you were going to like doing it so you avoided it? And then when it came time to finally buckle down and do it, it wasn’t so bad afterall? Well, I’m back on program (modified for a healthy pregnancy, of course) and I have to say this is a cinch! I’ve avoided my officemate’s chocolate candy jar and haven’t felt deprived. I’ve eaten healthy, made good choice and JOURNALED ALL OF IT. And it hasn’t been so bad? The longer I put it off, the more I thought it was all too tedious to do and didn’t want to make the effort. The more I put it off the more I thought it was going to be too hard to do. So I finally decided to make the effort and gosh, it’s hardly an effort at all. Now why didn’t I stick with this all along???? Ah, but the past is in the past and I can’t change it – so I move on.

I’m still here.
Nov 17th, 2003 by Anna

I feel like I weigh a ton. I haven’t been journaling what I’ve been eating because I’m too embarrassed to see it. I need to start that up again. It didn’t help that today’s little “about your pregnancy” message was about weight gain. I was prepared to be reassured that it’s okay to gain, blah blah blah. Ha! It said that I need to be doubly sure to eat healthy because my body is storing fat. Oh great. I haven’t stepped on a scale in a week. It’s not as bad as it sounds, though. I still only have one chin. I’ve gained a lot in my butt, but the fact that I’m wearing smalls and mediums in maternity clothes is reassuring. And I’m SO excited about getting my body back – eventually. For awhile there, I was nervous that I’d let my eating habits slide so much it would be really hard to get back to eating right. But I was looking at some pictures and saw me pre-pregnancy. That was enough motivation to want to get back there. And just going back to my web site with the progress photos… I really don’t want to look like I did three years ago when I started Weight Watchers. Yuck! I don’t have to look far for motivation, that’s for sure!

FlexPoints… bleah
Aug 27th, 2003 by Anna

It’s official. I do NOT like the new WW plan. I started it Monday and by Tuesday evening, I had NO EXTRA POINTS! Geez. I cheated and went back to the old plan today. If I didn’t, I knew I’d blow it so bad it wouldn’t even be funny. I guess I’ll try again next week and see. I just see those 35 points at the beginning of the week and get a little carried away. I think I need the more rigid structure of the Winning Points system…

Aug 21st, 2003 by Anna

Well, realizing that if I continued on the path that I was taking would cause me to have to pay for meetings after I have this baby… Realizing that I would be starting over somewhat in my weightloss journey… Watching coworkers “try” to diet while eating very naughty things in very naughty portions… I think I’m back on track for myself. I’m down a few pounds – which is good even though I’m pregnant – but more importantly, I’m making better choices (LOTS better) and I’m not feeling starved doing it.

I’m excited about Weight Watchers’ new FlexPoints program! I haven’t gone to a meeting since right when I got back from Puerto Rico (can’t now) and only found out through an email friend. I’m hoping I can go to a meeting tonight and get the program info. If not, I’m going to beg off of someone out there to give me specific information. :)

Off to eat my apple. I forgot how much I love them!!

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