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Nov 20th, 2006 by Anna

Comics and Editorial Cartoons: Born Loser on Yahoo! News

I’m alive.
Sep 27th, 2006 by Anna

I’m just swamped. I’m trying to be okay with the slooooooooooow weight loss because more importantly I’m eating healthfully, but the truth is, I’m frustrated with that. If I were more willing and able to work out, I know that would make a huge difference. But I’m not there right now. But I’m plodding along. Plodding along.

No worries.
Sep 15th, 2006 by Anna

Umm… yeah… I don’t really have E. coli. I don’t think. Probably get me back to goal pretty quick, but nah. Thanks for your concerns.

My stomach hurts.
Sep 14th, 2006 by Anna

WASHINGTON – An outbreak of E. coli in eight states has left at least one person dead and 50 others sick, federal health officials said Thursday in warning consumers not to eat bagged fresh spinach.

E. coli cases traced to bagged spinach – Yahoo! News

So I read this the day after I scarf down on a yummy tortilla wrapped around cheese, chicken and *bagged spinach*. I was so proud of myself for even adding spinach because normally I wouldn’t have. It takes effort to add something and I used to not care so much about nutrition, but just staying under my points. But here I am adding spinach because it’s green and healthy. And now I have E. Coli. That’s just GREAT.

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Back to web journal
Sep 12th, 2006 by Anna

Back by popular demand (or was that husband-request?). I’m updating that journal over there —>. It does help me keep on track realizing that other people might be reading what I eat and Jonathan says it helps him plan HIS evening in regards to food knowing how my day has already been. So there ya have it. But I’m not putting points because I’m not even tracking THAT anymore.

Sep 10th, 2006 by Anna

So I decided to track sodium. I should have left myself blissfully ignorant. It’s not outragious, but it’s been over recommended daily. I still don’t think I should have gained a pound over it because I didn’t have any unusual amount of sodium/salt on the day, but certainly overall it’s too much. I’m still just tracking. In a few days I’ll start trying to do something about it.

That’s just WRONG!
Sep 7th, 2006 by Anna

I was up a full POUND from yesterday. Grrr!! I think God has a sense of humor.

Aug 25th, 2006 by Anna

Man, I’m glad this week is over. Mostly. It was stressful to say that least. This was the second week of school and I’ve been doing all of the intros in the labs. I like to make sure the kids get a good start learning to log into the computers and some basic terminology. But I’m exhausted now. We have like 45 classroom teachers! And I still have to get all of my other work done and there’s a LOT of other work to get done.

Then there’s home. Which includes a two year old in a cast. Sheah. This should be a Fear Factor challenge – being the parent of a two year old with a leg immobilized from toes to thigh. Not much sleep the first few days and then there’s just no way to explain to him that I can’t take the cast off. And no way to explain to him that it WILL come off some time (September 20th!!!!). He got some bug bites on his good leg and I kind of think he may have gotten some inside his cast because he was downright MISERABLE for quite awhile. And he’s so very two. It would be funny if it were happening to someone ELSE to watch The Boy sit and make his demands on everyone around him. His angry little face. He harsh little tone. He’s so darned cute but man is he being a brat. But then you kinda have to pity him.
But it’s Friday now. And The Boy is actually getting around pretty well now. I’ll have to get video as it’s kinda funny.

I’m happy with the way I’ve eaten for the most part. Well, no, that’s not entirely true. I WAS proud of myself because I was really staying in my points range from the time I posted my last message. Then a friend pointed out that I wasn’t really eating very healthy. I was in my points range, but WHAT I was eating was not so great. “How about an apple?” she suggested. A what? Umm… why? So then I went back to SparkPeople, which I’ve been going to daily and tracking stuff, and actually took a better look at the reports. Dang… my calorie range was fine, but I wasn’t getting much fiber or calcium or any vitamins to speak of. She dissed my Pria bars which I insist are very good – they were really the only thing of value I was eating – but she was sure right about my lack of fruits and veggies!

So now I’m trying to do better on what I eat, not just on my calorie intake or points. I ate YOGURT yesterday. And today I had fresh fruit with my lunch. Strawberries and grapes and canteloupe. And wow… now that’s pretty GOOD.

Of course if you look at today’s food journal you’ll see a bit more pizza than I should have had. And frankly I’m feeling it right now. I am definitely overfull. I feel icky. But honestly I’ll probably still have some ice cream tonight. By the way, that’s Healthy Choice Chocolate Chocolate Chunk. MMmM!

Which brings me to something else… that very ice cream is a red light food for me. Everytime I’ve gotten it, I’ve finished it off in less than four sittings. By myself! But I really like it (duh!) and I don’t want to deprive myself of it. So THIS time I asked JONATHAN to serve it for me. And then he puts it in a grocery bag and then back in the big freezer in the garage. I’m not sure exactly where in there because I’m not going to look. This has worked much better because I don’t generally get second helpings and I can’t eat out of the carton now. Yay me! Yay, Jonathan!

So I’ve rambled on enough. And I’m being summonded by The Boy.

Wore out.
Aug 18th, 2006 by Anna

I’m still alive. Thanks for those of you that have checked on me. It’s been crazy at work and crazy at home. I’m stressed and tired. I’m *mostly* eating okay, but I’ve been pretty bad about keeping up with it. I’d write more now, but I really need a nap.

Movin’ on down!
Aug 5th, 2006 by Anna

I definitely feel like I’m back on track now. I think I’ve got my head “in the game” as my daughter would say. I’m eating right and when I don’t, I at least don’t blow the day (or week, or month as it had been there for awhile). I’m not feeling deprived – though I do whine. I’m getting excercise in at least three times a week and not letting myself have excuses not to. My attitude regarding my appearance is improving. I don’t like who I see in the mirror yet, but I’m definitely seeing positive body changes.

I’m not putting so much pressure on myself to do too many things at once. I decided against the gym for now. I have a new principal at my school and a LOT of changes in my department so who knows what my “free” time will be like. It was actually very relieving to when I decided finally against the gym for now. I have too much on my plate – no pun intended.

So not an exciting post, but wanted to check in.

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