Still here! Really!
Jul 3rd, 2009 by Anna

Okay, so it’s been a bit since I’ve posted. I’m in kind of a holding pattern with my weight. I finished the 30 day challenge on Active and honestly it just ticked me off. I guess since I accidentally started it over, it didn’t think I finished the challenge in 30 days so I didn’t get a trophy for that. Though I did. Not sure why I care about a virtual trophy, but I do and so when I didn’t get it and knew I’d deserved it, well… I was mad. And I’m not going to have another 30 day stretch that I can do the challenge for awhile.

I just got back from days in DC. I’d packed workout clothes but in hindsight it was ridiculous to think I’d have or make the time to workout. It was a conference and it kept me pretty busy. So no workout. But I didn’t gain any weight, either. So… I guess it’s a wash.

I want to get back into the swing of working out in the morning but I leave again on Wednesday for another trip. That should be enough to definitely make working out NOW a priority but no. I’ll force myself tomorrow morning and go from there.

More than a little miffed that getting off the weight is so much harder this time around. Jonathan says to just keep moving my feet but it’s really discouraging. I don’t care that I’m older and my metabolism is different. I don’t care that big time college athletes are having problems losing weight (or not gaining) when they get out of college. I want to just wish it away and maintain from there. I also want to win the lottery so I accept that my wishes are generally unreasonable.

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