Well Hell.
May 24th, 2009 by Anna

I’m trying not to be mad. But I’m mad. It’s not like it was a great day anyway. Heck it wasn’t even GOOD. Or even fair. But whatever. So I go to the Wii knowing full well it’s a rest day on the 30 day challenge but I want to check in on my journal and I want to be 100% sure I didn’t have a brain fart and it not really be a rest day. Yes, a day of rest. I fill out the little survey and whatever. Then i see the start over button. And I’m certain there will be a back button if I select it. Of course there will be. So just for grins I go to see what the start over button does. Does it just start over your 30 day challenge? Or does it wipe the day? Oh, I see. It starts your 30 day challenge back to square one. But there’s the “are you sure?” bail out. So I switch to the non-default answer as my mind very quickly tells me that the default to the question will be yes and I don’t want to start over so I’ll just switch it to no. And my fingers followed my mind. All of this happened a split second before my eyes bothered to READ the options and lookie there. I’m back to day one. Great. So I can continue on with the presets and do the correct workout day tomorrow and continue on until my original 30 day challenge is done and just keep track of it all myself. Or tomorrow, which would have been day 7, will become the new day 1 (because I am NOT going to work out tonight). It’s not like it’s going to hurt me to start over tomorrow. And it’s not like it’s going to hurt me to manually select my workouts. But… but… I’m not supposed to have to do either one of those. I’m so ticked off right now. I think just because of who I am, I’m going to have to start over tomorrow instead of manually advancing through the exercises. I need to see that calendar marking my progress. I need to read that little blurb on what I’m going to work on the following day. But I was so excited that I bought this stupid thing the day it came out and that I would be among the first consumers to complete the 30 day challenge. Stupid, I know. But I thought it was cool and I was excited about it. But I screw it up. To hell with it. I’m going to bed.

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