No streaking!
May 7th, 2009 by Anna

Well, I blew all my streaks yesterday. I didn’t exercise. That’s the biggie. Didn’t get many of the nutrients, nor my water. Went plenty over on calories. Sodium was a little ridiculous. That said, I certainly could have been a lot worse. I just wanted a break from exercise and I was frustrated with lunch. I’m feeling like I can’t eat anything that I don’t have the nutrition labels for or that isn’t in the SparkPeople database. I know that’s dumb, but really. Some things I have absolutely no idea how on many calories, fat, fiber, protein, etc. I can’t even begin to guess. Like these wrap sandwiches we had at lunch. And the beans and rice with bits of sausage. I know I could sit there and take everything apart and measure it and look up each component but good grief. I just want to eat. I ended up using the database to select things that were… kinda right? But notreally. I figured counting some calories and stuff is better than ignoring it. I’m not sure what to do, though. It’s annoying. I don’t know how to eat out – or eat something someone else cooked. I’ve been avoiding it, but now it’s starting to frustrate me.

I’ve been mostly good today. Well, I’m not over in calories, sodium or fat. I *am* over in carbs and I’m not close to hitting my protein and just shy of calcium. And I’m out of my cheese snacks. Maybe a yogurt’ll do it. Yeah… that did it. But not much I can do about the protein unless I go over my calories.

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