Scare unwarranted
May 30th, 2009 by Anna

I’m driving to work and casually reach my hand over to the back of my upper left arm to scratch an itch. Under the itch I feel a strange… lump. It’s hard and a bit under the skin. I’m a little alarmed. It doesn’t hurt. It isn’t a bruise. It’s just… a lump. I rub it out a bit to see if it will start to hurt. Huh. No. I reach to my right arm. Same lump. I go home and search the Internet. It’s apparantly something called “triceps” and I shouldn’t be worried it’s there. Whew!


Well Hell.
May 24th, 2009 by Anna

I’m trying not to be mad. But I’m mad. It’s not like it was a great day anyway. Heck it wasn’t even GOOD. Or even fair. But whatever. So I go to the Wii knowing full well it’s a rest day on the 30 day challenge but I want to check in on my journal and I want to be 100% sure I didn’t have a brain fart and it not really be a rest day. Yes, a day of rest. I fill out the little survey and whatever. Then i see the start over button. And I’m certain there will be a back button if I select it. Of course there will be. So just for grins I go to see what the start over button does. Does it just start over your 30 day challenge? Or does it wipe the day? Oh, I see. It starts your 30 day challenge back to square one. But there’s the “are you sure?” bail out. So I switch to the non-default answer as my mind very quickly tells me that the default to the question will be yes and I don’t want to start over so I’ll just switch it to no. And my fingers followed my mind. All of this happened a split second before my eyes bothered to READ the options and lookie there. I’m back to day one. Great. So I can continue on with the presets and do the correct workout day tomorrow and continue on until my original 30 day challenge is done and just keep track of it all myself. Or tomorrow, which would have been day 7, will become the new day 1 (because I am NOT going to work out tonight). It’s not like it’s going to hurt me to start over tomorrow. And it’s not like it’s going to hurt me to manually select my workouts. But… but… I’m not supposed to have to do either one of those. I’m so ticked off right now. I think just because of who I am, I’m going to have to start over tomorrow instead of manually advancing through the exercises. I need to see that calendar marking my progress. I need to read that little blurb on what I’m going to work on the following day. But I was so excited that I bought this stupid thing the day it came out and that I would be among the first consumers to complete the 30 day challenge. Stupid, I know. But I thought it was cool and I was excited about it. But I screw it up. To hell with it. I’m going to bed.

May 23rd, 2009 by Anna

Okay, just like I love to watch my pointless points build up on SparkPeople, I am enjoying filling my virtual trophy case on Active. My current trophies:

Go-Getter, Dear Diary, Tennis Pro, Running the Mix, Squat Master, GOAAAAL!, Workout Buddies, Feel the Burn, Fitness Inferno, Going for Gold, Making it Mine, Power Hour

Just completed Day 5! Whoo hoo!

Walk is a four letter word
May 21st, 2009 by Anna

I. can’t. walk.

Okay, I exaggerate. But let’s say it takes a focused effort to go from stationary to moving and the action of walking is not currently an unnoticed movement. I can feel each muscle involved in the action of walking and each muscle is screaming at me. Today was my day of rest on the 30 day challenge. I think they put a rest day because they know you’re not going to be ABLE to squat down or lift your lefts or… well… MOVE on day 3. I’m obviously out of shape, yes. I know this will get easier but man…

More thoughts on Active
May 20th, 2009 by Anna

While I’m still liking it overall, here are some things I do NOT like

  • No left handed settings. It wouldn’t matter if everything were balanced but I’m tired of playing the sports right handed. I don’t know anything about creating video games but can it really be that hard?
  • I want to see my calories on the day. Not just after each workout, but I want to be able to go to a day and see how many calories I burned on that day. Now I have to keep a spreadsheet or something to keep track of daily calories. Bah!
  • What the heck is that stupid countdown clock? I would think it wants you to be exercising for some particular amount of time but it counts down even when you’re not actually exercising. Am I supposed to just sit on my butt and watch it go down? Because it’ll let me. But I’m too impatient to wait so I’m not certain what happens when it reaches zero.
  • This is probably supposed to be a plus but it all depends on your point of view – my butt has muscles. Who knew? They hurt, by the way.
Day 2
May 20th, 2009 by Anna

Okay, so I decided to set my alarm for early in the morning and see if I could actually get up and exercise. If I can do this on a regular basis, it will be better than trying to fit it in during the evening where it will either take away from family time or be way late in the evening when I should be going to bed.

I did day 2 of the 30 day challenge on my new EA Active game. I did all 16 of the activities that the game suggested for a medium intensity workout. I’m definitely going to continue to do the exercises it chooses for me. I like this better than the picking and choosing on the Wii Fit where I’m never certain if I’m getting a good overall workout. This game tells me what part of the body it’s going to focus on so I’m assuming it’s going to cover everything I need in the course of the 30 days.

At the end of the workout, I’d again burned more calories than my target and I was dripping with sweat. I’ll need to get up just a tad earlier if I’m going to do this in the mornings but probably only for another week or two because by then I shouldn’t need the intro videos on HOW to do each exercise.

The only problem I’ve found with the game so far is that the cord from remote to nunchuk gets caught on my knee on some exercises and I’m afraid I’m going to break one or the other. I just have to kind of hold up the slack and it’s not so bad. We really need wireless nunchuks.

Oh and I can’t BELIEVE the darned thing doesn’t take your weight. It can make use of the balance board but you have to manually enter your weight. That just seems like an oversight.

This evening I think I’ll look at it some more for other exercises. Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow though. It’s an off day but does that mean I really shouldn’t do *any* exercises? I was looking forward to an off day but now I kinda actually want to work out some more…

EA Active 30 Day Challenge – Day 1
May 19th, 2009 by Anna

One of my birthday gifts was the Wii game that came out today, EA’s Active. Meghan and I went to GameStop to pick it up after my tech club meeting at work. We weren’t home 10 minutes before I’d started it up. I’m liking it so far. I selected the medium intensity and umm… THAT was MEDIUM? So glad I didn’t get brave enough for the high. I would be in a little puddle right now if I’d done that.

The game selected 16 exercises. Well, not 16 different exercises on my preselected workout. I had to do the squats and running a few times. The only one that I had a problem with was the side lunges but that was because the Wii wasn’t picking up my movement and it started griping at me which kinda ticked me off. I got through it all though and it wasn’t WOW THAT’S EXCITING but it was a welcome change to Wii Fit. After the 30 day challenge workout, I did the paired workout with Meghan and we got to see other exercises. So basically there are a LOT of different exercises on this thing. So far a good balance of upper body and lower body.

I’m going to make a real effort to complete this 30 day challenge the way it expects you to. It’s two days on, one day off, two days on, one day off. I’m already looking forward to that day of rest. I’m not going to do the Gold’s Gym game on my day of rest, but I think I might add it in with the regular Active workout. It’s pretty fun.

Hope all this activity helps me make up for the goof up I’ve had eating lately…

May 19th, 2009 by Anna

Chocolate cake calories DO seem to count on your birthday. I was lied to!

The PAIN! Oh the PAIN!
May 16th, 2009 by Anna

Rented the Gold’s Gym Wii game from GameFly. OMG. My thighs are in excruciating pain. I have to keep moving them because ift they’re still for more than 10 minutes, I’ll be close to screaming when I do move them. I just did a little of the boxing at first, but then just one single round of squats. Please. Let me die.

Scale was very nice the other day. I wasn’t nice back. Yesterday was not very good, but it’s done and today will be better. And I could always punish myself with more squats. Might frighten the neighbors with the screaming that will be coming from my house though. We’ll see.

No streaking!
May 7th, 2009 by Anna

Well, I blew all my streaks yesterday. I didn’t exercise. That’s the biggie. Didn’t get many of the nutrients, nor my water. Went plenty over on calories. Sodium was a little ridiculous. That said, I certainly could have been a lot worse. I just wanted a break from exercise and I was frustrated with lunch. I’m feeling like I can’t eat anything that I don’t have the nutrition labels for or that isn’t in the SparkPeople database. I know that’s dumb, but really. Some things I have absolutely no idea how on many calories, fat, fiber, protein, etc. I can’t even begin to guess. Like these wrap sandwiches we had at lunch. And the beans and rice with bits of sausage. I know I could sit there and take everything apart and measure it and look up each component but good grief. I just want to eat. I ended up using the database to select things that were… kinda right? But notreally. I figured counting some calories and stuff is better than ignoring it. I’m not sure what to do, though. It’s annoying. I don’t know how to eat out – or eat something someone else cooked. I’ve been avoiding it, but now it’s starting to frustrate me.

I’ve been mostly good today. Well, I’m not over in calories, sodium or fat. I *am* over in carbs and I’m not close to hitting my protein and just shy of calcium. And I’m out of my cheese snacks. Maybe a yogurt’ll do it. Yeah… that did it. But not much I can do about the protein unless I go over my calories.

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