Another good day!
April 30th, 2009 by Anna

I’m really feeling good about myself. Exercise isn’t feeling like a chore. It’s just something I need to work to fit in. But the jogging in place is working. I did 30 more minutes on the Wii last night – one time for 20 minutes and one time for 10. And I don’t think I dropped my pace at all the whole time. And it was a fairly brisk pace. I just felt so GOOD about it.

Yesterday’s eating was good, too. I have one buffalo wing and one Hawaiian bread roll. But I stopped at one, each. It probably helped that Jonathan raised an eyebrow at me when I reached for the roll. If I hadn’t had to be snarky about having enough points (we say points even though we mean calories because we’re just so used to saying points because of Weight Watchers) I might have had another. But I stayed in control.

Today’s weigh in was down from yesterday but not down the lowest it’s been in the last week. I’m doing really well today with eating and I plan to work out again this evening so I’m hoping for another little loss in the morning’s weigh in. If I can just start a good steady downward turn, I know it will be easier to keep up the good habits.

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