Feelin’ it
April 28th, 2009 by Anna

So two days ago, I got up on the scale and before it settled on my weight, I thought, “I feel lighter.” And sure enough, the scale said, “You sure do!” It felt great. I’d gotten over that little hump and saw some results. I’ve been on and off with the Wii. Not really committed to it, but not avoiding it either. And I’ve been mostly doing good eating. I just can’t go over to Mom’s. Certainly not while her siblings are visiting and she has food Food and FOOD around! So that little break felt good, but I also knew it was short lived because like I’ve said – I’m only doing just better than okay.

Sunday we had extended family over for dinner. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Titi, Uncle Gabe, Aunt Mony and Aunt Meche. We had buffalo wings which I didn’t go overboard on and Hawaiian bread which I did. I had a few waffle fries. And I had ice cream. That was the biggest oops. And then more Hawaiian bread. And this is after already maxing my sodium on the day with a splurge for lunch of a Chipotle bowl. So yeah… I was pretty sure yesterday’s weight would reflect that not-so-good choices.

And yesterday – Monday – wasn’t great either. Because I was going to eat some grilled tilapia and maybe some steamed veggies but Jonathan came how with rainbow rice from Taiwan Dragon and… that was really good. And oh look – we have Hawaiian bread from the night before. So this morning I hadn’t gained over yesterday, but I didn’t get to see that lower number that gave me such glee. I’ll see it again, though.

I almost bailed on anything active this evening but with Biggest Loser on, I thought it would make more sense to not be a candidate for the next season. And then I got all happy again. I put on a free run on Wii Fit so I could just jog in place while I watched TV. Sure, I didn’t need the Wii Fit to do that, but there’s something satisfying hearing your virtual footsteps and not having to watch the clock. And I was pleasantly surprised with myself. I was going to set it for 20 minutes, but remembering how pathetic my 20 minute step was from the other day, I decided it would make more sense to do a 10 minute run and if I felt I could do another, do another. So I started up my run and switched the TV to Biggest Loser. And at a commercial break, because my son loves to watch my Mii running around the virtual world, I switched back to the Wii. I saw 3:08 and thought, “Geez! I have 7 minutes left?! Are you KIDDING me?!” But I wasn’t really that surprised. And then I noticed that the timer was going DOWN. I had 3 minutes LEFT. That realization gave me so much energy. It’s silly, really. But I finished my time during the commercial break (holy COW those breaks are long!) and then sat and watched until the next commercial break. And then I did another 10 minutes.

I’m writing this now and feeling kind of on a high about it. Which is silly. It’s just 20 minutes. Biggest Loser is almost over. But I think I’m going to go ahead with another 10 minutes. I’m just hoping I can find something really interesting on TV because watching my Mii run around isn’t engaging enough and 10 minutes will seem so much longer than 10 minutes…

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