Poo on everyone.
April 24th, 2009 by Anna

I was in such a pissy mood yesterday. And I didn’t eat well. I really did fine on the day until Jonathan brought home pizza for the kids. And I would have ignored the pizza like I planned but he also brought the Italian cheese bread and it smelled really, really good. So I ate a piece. And I thought what the hell I’ll just make it my dinner and had two more pieces. But I was in a bad mood and I should never make food decisions when I’m in this state. I would have still been fine but then I thought I’d go ahead and have a piece of pizza while I was at it. And that brought me over about 50 calories. So in my head, because I was pissy and angry, I thought I’d just work it off. 50 calories isn’t so bad. But I was pissy and told myself that I couldn’t “work it off” because I’m not doing Weight Watchers where I earn activity points. That SparkPeople doesn’t give you more calories to eat if you work out. This is actually the point that I started to act pissy on the outside, too – when I started playing mind games with myself. Because it would have still made sense to work out a bit even if I couldn’t show in SparkPeople that I didn’t go over in my calories. But did I mention I was pissy? Because I didn’t work out. And worse than that, I didn’t stop eating. I had a country cone ice cream that was nearly 300 calories! And just before I went to bed I had a Special K shake. At least it was a diety shake, right? I really could have done a lot worse, all things considering. And the truth is I wanted to do a lot worse. I’d gone to a friend’s work so we could work on a podcast and totally planned on getting a big chocolate shake on the way home. I thought about it, though, and I came to my senses.

Today I’ve been pretty good. I’m worried about this evening, however, as the girls are going to have a friend sleepover and Jonathan is picking up buffalo wings for dinner. I’m going to just decide not to touch them at all, because I’m probably going to lose control if I do. But that’s hard to admit because I really want a buffalo wing. Just one? *sigh*

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  • Sara writes:
    April 28th, 200910:20 pmat

    Good for you! I like the redesign, and I know it was hard to start this site back up. Keep at it! You’re motivating me to try to get back on track too! (Although I believe 3 donuts this morning was NOT the best way to get on track- I’ll do better tomorrow!)

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