Workout… sorta
April 21st, 2009 by Anna

I actually got some exercise yesterday. Did a little Wii Fit. Not a lot. I did get my heart rate up. Mostly it was the jogging in place for ten minutes. I wanted to watch regular TV while doing this – there’s a free run game that lets you leave the Wii console because you hear your steps and the time info through your remote. But Nathan wanted to watch me running in the virtual world and see who I would pass along the trail. It’s cute because any of the Mii avatars on your console can show up in this virtual world. I ran alongside my husband for a little while. And crossed paths with my mom.

I didn’t know whether to laugh for cry but after every single exercise Nathan would run up and ask me if I’d lost any weight. He was cute being proud of me for the exercises, but after EVERY one. “Did you lose any weight?” “Let’s see if you lost weight!” After I collapsed in a heap after my run, Nathan plopped down next to me and asked, “When are you going to lose weight, Mommy?” When indeed. I really didn’t know how to explain to a five year old that my weight loss was going to be gradual and he wasn’t going to notice.

While Nathan tried to be encouraging, Jonathan actually was. His little “good for you, Anna” was enough to make me not give up on my pathetic run with the excuse that it’s only the first day and tomorrow I’ll do more. I’m really good at making plausible excuses.

The scale as been steady at that one little jump for longer than I’m happy with. I’m trying not to get angry and frustrated. I can clearly see my not great choices so why would I expect an un-deserved loss? My not great choices haven’t been horrendous choices. But that’s quickly becoming something not to be particularly proud of. If I want to lose weight, I have to make good choices. Period.

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