Sick of being sick.
Jun 19th, 2007 by Anna

So yeah, the weight loss is nice. Things don’t taste quite as slimey as they’ve been tasting, which is good. And my stomach must have shrunk some because I’m rarely hungry. Great! But I’m tired of being sick. I’m tired of the coughing and the lack of energy. I wanted to DO stuff this summer and mostly I’m laying around on the couch. This is NOT fun!

Not according to plan
Jun 12th, 2007 by Anna

Well, I’m losing weight this summer! Yay! But it’s because I’ve been sick. Bleah. Well, no let me back up. I started off okayish and then I ran into a chocolate bar. And then I got myself a little attitude adjustment and reminded myself that yeah, this isn’t going to be an easy, fun journey. That if I want to get back to the weight I was, I’m going to have to make some sacrifices. Plain and simple. So then I was crabby about it but I was eating right and THEN I got sick. I found out today that I have bronchitis and maybe “walking” pneumonia. All I know is that my head pounds from coughing so much and everything tastes like slime. You don’t eat much when everything tastes like slime. Not exactly the way I intended to jump start my weight loss, but I guess we should look at the positive side of everything, no? I do wish I had more energy to do things. Hopefully a few more days and I’ll be back on my feet… THEN I can join the gym and take walks with the kids…

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