April 13th, 2007 by Anna

My husband and I bought a Nintendo Wii about six weeks ago. We’ve played it nearly everyday since. It comes with a sports game CD with bowling, boxing, golf, tennis and baseball. If you’re not familiar with this gaming console, it’s not all pressing buttons. The remote requires *movement* to make things happen. For example, with tennis, except for the serve, there’s no buttong pushing at all. You must swing the remote like you would a tennis racket. For bowling, you do have to press a button and then release when you would release the ball, but you also have to swing your arm back and then forward as if really bowling. And don’t even get me started on boxing. THAT is quite a workout! And yeah, it’s two handed. There’s an attachment for the remote for that.

So anyway, there’s this guy who used the Wii as part of his daily exercise routine for six weeks. Actually the Wii was the only thing he added to his routine. No change of diet, no other forms of exercise. Just the Wii for 30 minutes a day. He was active in his Wii play – you could sit on the couch and barely move the remote for tennis, for example – making sure his movements were mimicking the real play. In six weeks he lost nine pounds. Not fantastic but still really something when you consider that is the only change he made.

So I’m on my own Wii challenge. I’m trying to do at least 30 minutes of active Wii a day (Zelda doesn’t count. Nor does Mario Double Dash because that’s a Gamecube game that requires no movement. But Smooth Moves can count depending on which part). I’m tracking my “fitness age” which is between 20 and… I think maybe 80? The lower the better. The Wii gives you three fitness tests and then gives you a score. It’s not really going to be consistent though because it depends on what tests you’re given. I’m horrible at baseball but I’m pretty darn good at bowling and doing the punching bag in boxing. But it’s fun to track and it’s fun working up a sweat on a game.

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