Another small success
April 13th, 2007 by Anna

Today we had an office lunch dessert party in celebration of a co-worker’s “un”birthday. I DIDN’T have any cake. I could have had a little, and probably not gone overboard. But Jonathan and I are supposed to take the kids to the movies tonight and I want to save calories for popcorn. So I’m proud of myself for making a decision of one or the other and not indulging in either.

I’m also really happy with my progress. Not so much my weight progress since my attitude adjustment – there’s not been that much time to really see progress – but more with my control over situations. I’m back right in the head.

2 Responses  
  • emigre writes:
    April 13th, 20074:17 pmat

    Good for you, it’s hard to resist but you did the right thing!

  • Judi Finneran writes:
    April 14th, 200711:07 pmat

    Way to go…making successful decisions about eating is much longer lasting than seeing a pound lost on the scale. You made a choice and got to have your popcorn. You inspired me.

    Cheers, Judi

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