I DIDN’T have a pastelio!
April 10th, 2007 by Anna

Mom is Puertorican and she makes this… pastry – a typical island fare – that is fried with cheese inside. Kind of like an empanada but mmmMmMmmMmmm so much better. Mom called today to say she’d made some. A rare treat unless we happen to be IN Puerto Rico. More rare than bacalao but now I digress. She called to tell me she’d made some and they were fresh out of the fry-daddy and did I want to come by? I wanted to. Oh BOY did I want to. But I didn’t. Discussing it with Jonathan I realize I had enough calories left to indulge in one, but I still made a good choice not going because I’m sure I wouldn’t have stopped at one, and I’m sure I would have dug around in the fridge for the bacalao she made the other day and I would have snitched at least a slice of the pound cake she was sure to have on the counter. And while I was at it, might as well have some of the M&Ms in the bowl. So this was a great success for me. Whew!

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  • Laura Warnecke writes:
    April 11th, 20073:46 pmat

    Congratulations!!! You stopped the problem before it happened. That’s great! I’m trying so hard to do well. It’s difficult, though when all the easter candy at the CVS across the street from work is 50% off.

    Keep up the good work! I know you’ll get back to where you want to be.

  • Anna writes:
    April 11th, 200710:14 pmat

    Laura! I was just browsing your SparkPeople page the other day!

    I’m definitely feeling better about things. Thanks for checking in on me.

  • cati writes:
    April 13th, 200911:01 amat

    im tryimg so hard 2 keep up with 1300 calories
    cus im trying to reach my goal of losing 10 pounds in 2 weeks
    and by reading dis stories have helped me out
    keep it up guys

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