March 29th, 2007 by Anna

I’m having a grim and grumpy day today. And my eating is reflecting that. I have such a long list of things I have to do that I have no business posting this. But I need a break and five minutes isn’t going to kill me, right? So while I’m being crabby and pissy and overwhelmed with work and personal to-do lists, I’m eating all kinds of snacks. The only small success I can muster is that I’ve only been eating 100 calorie paks. But… well, lots of them. But that really is a success right now because every part of my being wants to go down the hall, slap 65 cents into that machine and eat me a Twix. And then shove another 65 cents in and have a Snickers. And then some chips sound really good, surely I can find another 50 cents. But I’ve had a diet drink and enough 100 calorie paks that the Twix would have been better, but I know that Twix will send me down a slippery slope of “what the hell does it matter now” and I can’t let that happen. So really, I’m going to feel proud of the willpower I’ve managed to muster today. And now I’m going to go back to work.

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  • Jodibear58 writes:
    March 29th, 20079:41 pmat

    I know what you mean, I have been binging pretty much non stop since Tuesday. I dont know why because I have not had a binge session for a really long time. I pray that we both get back on track!!

    PS. I am a member of Spark People. I have been looking at your site for about 5 years. You are an inspiration!

    Good luck on your healthy lifestyle journey. You can do it!!

  • Anna writes:
    April 1st, 200710:14 pmat

    Thanks, Jodibear. If you’ve been following me that long, at least you’ve seen me at goal! This is just crazy. I’m getting so angry at myself but still not doing the right thing. I take two steps forward and three steps back. Then three forward and two back. My husband likes to say “just keep moving your feet” but I’m not even doing that – figuratively or literally.

    I have got to got to GOT to get at least within spitting distance of goal before my trip in July. I know what I need to do. I just gotta DO IT!


  • Rhonda writes:
    April 3rd, 20072:14 pmat

    Anna, You will achive your goal again!!! Weight loss is a journey, not a desitnation and my gosh…give yourself a break. You had kids and got back to goal. If it is taking a little longer this time, thats ok, you will get there! I found your website in February and it has been a success story I’ve read over and over for inspiration. I’m down 20 and have another 30 to go.

  • Anna writes:
    April 10th, 20076:09 pmat

    Thanks for the confidence, Rhonda. I’m not sure what’s changing… how to put a finger on it… but I do feel I’m turning back around and getting right in the head about this.

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