Celebrating Small Successes
February 17th, 2007 by Anna

I ate just one cinnamon roll this morning. 110 calories. Just one.

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  • Alison writes:
    February 17th, 200711:07 amat

    Anna..I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in the starting over department…once again I too have restarted my journey. I think more than anything it’s just frustrating to know at one point you were where you wanted to be and now to have to start all over again *UGH* anyway I’m still following your story so don’t give in to those evil junk foods. I myself have no choice but to get on track, nothing like being asked to be a bridesmaid in a form fitting gown to get you on the ball!

  • Alanna writes:
    February 18th, 200710:59 amat

    If you cook alot, you might be interested in my food blog about vegetables (that’s the link to A Veggie Venture) and my food column (all courses), all of which include Weight Watchers points for all the recipes. There are special Weight Watchers sections, too, to make it easy to find 0 and 1 and 2 and etc point recipes. Hope it helps! It’s worth it!

  • Anna writes:
    February 22nd, 20071:22 amat

    Alison – maybe that’s wha I need… another good reason! Good luck on looking good in the gown!

    Alanna – I don’t cook much at all. I should, but there’s a (lack of) time factor right now. Hopefully after spring break things will slow down a bit. Then I can cook. Which I do like to do.

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