Love that Lent
Feb 22nd, 2007 by Anna

I did great today, but then it’s a day of fast for me (Ash Wednesday) so that made it easy. But I’m plugging along and plan to have a great day tomorrow. Restarting with small goals. Like right now I’m mostly just focused on eating between 1200 and 1500 calories. When I can get back to doing that consistantly for at least a couple of weeks, then I’ll work on exactly what it is I’m eating… and maybe exercise. I really do want to get back to me. For awhile there, I’m not sure I cared that much. I guess it wasn’t really a priority, which with all the other current stressors in my life, that’s no surprise. But I’m so unhappy with my physical self right now, and that definitely influences other things, so I reseting priorities. Again.

Celebrating Small Successes
Feb 17th, 2007 by Anna

I ate just one cinnamon roll this morning. 110 calories. Just one.

Can’t find another excuse…
Feb 13th, 2007 by Anna

Dang… Thanksgiving is over. The many Christmases are over. My conference is over. I’m out of reasons to screw up my eating except the only truth which is that I can’t, or rather I don’t want, to control myself. So that’s not an acceptable excuse. And I’m starting over for the 1,814th time. No, really.

Feb 11th, 2007 by Anna

Wow… this is cool. I’m adding this blog entry using my IM and a web application called IMified. Let me see if I can link to it… Click Here (I think). If this works, I may actually update my blog more frequently. And it may become a tad more quip-ish. We’ll see.

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