31 Left
January 10th, 2007 by Anna

I’m not sure why the site is called 31 Left, and if I weren’t swamped right now I’d research. But I’m going to post about it anyway. This is a great site to make those New Year’s resolutions and to help you keep them. Go to the site, create an account (free) and post your resolution. The catch is, you also post how much and to what charity you will donate money if you don’t reach your goal or keep your resolution this year. Ouch. Of course it’s on the honor system, but something about putting things in writing and then making a promise. Wow. I absolutely LOATHE one of the “charities” but you can add in whatever charity you want. So I’ve pledged to lose 25 pounds this year, or I will donate $50 to Catholic Charities. It’s kinda funny though because it’s all to a good cause so you if you make your goal, your charity loses out. Of course you can give anyway, but then what was the point of making the pledge. Okay, I’m going in circles.

I have more than 25 pounds to lose, but I figure 25 pounds will feel REALLY good. And I can do 25 pounds. And I’ll be in at LEAST one smaller size and that will open up a HUGE portion of my wardrobe. So 25 pounds. Or $50. But probably both. Definitely both.

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  • jodi writes:
    January 10th, 20071:27 pmat

    i’ll definitely check it out, thanks for sharing! :o)

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