No Pria.
November 30th, 2006 by Anna

I got out the door this morning without my Pria bar. Dang it. Now to figure out how I’m not going to let that be the start of the avalanche of the day. I’m really good about blowing the whole day beginning with one tiny issue. Because as soon as I realized I’d forgotten my Pria bar, I was already thinking I wanted chocolate and I’d just get a Snickers from the snack machine and well if I was going to have a Snickers I would just go ahead and have a real lunch instead of a TV dinner and well, why don’t I just take the day off? Right?

But yesterday was a good day. I almost blew the day just like I’m envisioning today happening. I did good all day and then got home and was making pancakes for dinner and I ate while I was cooking (mmm… pancake batter….) and ate the piping hot pancakes and I thought I’d for sure blown the day so I almost… ALMOST snarfed some more Halloween candy of the kids because whattheheck my day is shot. But I went ahead and entered my SparkPoints data and was pleasantly surprised to see that I didn’t blow the day at all. I was right on target. So I didn’t snarf candy. And it felt good to be right.

So why is it not even 9am and I’m already picturing my whole day with crappy foods? Today’s challenge will be to not let that lack of a chocolate flavored power bar be the catalyst for eating poorly. I ate my yogurt and my banana, which I didn’t forget. So at least I’m off to a good start…

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