The wagon.
November 1st, 2006 by Anna

I didn’t hit a bump and fall off the wagon. No I leapt off and danced around while the wagon left me behind. I smelled the flowers and then ate a few just to see if they tasted good. They didn’t, so I tried another kind. That’s as best I can describe the last week and a half. And here people were finally noticing weight loss. “Anna, you losing weight?” “Yeah, you gonna eat the rest of that brownie?” I did good Monday but yesterday, of course, was Halloween. I’m not sure I’ve ever been good on a Halloween EVER. It’s a very cruel holiday. But today is a new day. And as Jonathan reminded me, it’s a marathon. I’m going to have slow points. Now, why I chose to run backwards in the journey back to me, I’m not entirely sure. But I’ve facing the right direction now. And I hopped back on the wagon. Thanks for saving my seat!

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  • karentorres writes:
    November 7th, 20062:44 amat

    Hi Anna! I found another of your blogs!
    You’re a funny writer. Brownies kill me every time. Actually, a pan of brownies is what threw Rio onto the sleep schedule he’s on now, because ‘that one night’ when I FINISHED THE PAN– he didn’t sleep much. Now he’s actually on a better schedule. LOL!!!

  • lin writes:
    November 7th, 20069:09 amat

    The problem with Halloween is it isn’t just the one day. If you have kids in your house that went trick or treating, then you have that big bowl of candy calling to you for a few days. I already knew I loved Snickers and Reese’s PB cups. Now I’ve discovered I love Hershey’s Kissables. And just when you can’t find those three things in the treat bowl anymore, the Girl Scout cookies come in. (And ofcourse I bought a lot of them cause I’m a leader in 2 troops!) My solution for the cookies…I immediately put them downstairs in the freezer. Atleast they won’t be calling to me from the kitchen counter……

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