The Myth
October 19th, 2006 by Anna

Okay, I’ve heard it one too many times. Heck, I’ve even said it in the past. But it’s not true and I won’t listen to it anymore! It’s not more expensive to eat healthy! “I try to eat healthy, but it costs so much more money to get healthy foods.” Riiight. What you really mean when you say this is, “Processed foods that are low fat and/or low cal cost more than their fattier counterparts.” That is true. I can spend $2.64 on a box of 6 packages of 100 calories snacks. And that’s a bit more than a box of fatty chips. But… if I want to eat healthy, I’ll skip the pre-packaged snacks and eat an apple. And an apple is cheap. And so is a banana. And an orange. Even at $1.64 a pound for what I had to pay for my Gala apples the other day, I got more apples – more volume than those little snack bags.

But see it wasn’t that long ago that I was griping about it all myself. That was before I started actually trying to eat more healthy, not just less fatty. When I really started analyzing my diet, I realized that those 100 calorie snack bags are a bunch of empty calories. They may be less calories than the bag of Doritos, but they’re still empty calories. I grudgingly started eating more fruit (I still have to work on fresh veggies, but I’m doing frozen at least) so that I could have more potassium, and more vitamin C and all that stuff and less sodium (WAY less sodium!). And now I find I’m spending aless money. A LOT less. And dang it, I LIKE the fruit. Now, sometimes I really want something chocolatey. And a Pria bar is slightly more expensive than a candy bar. And I think my Health Smart Fudge bars are a little pricey-er than the unhealthier versions, but those indulgences don’t tip the scales with how much less I’m spending not buying so many pre-packaged foods!

Now, I still need to work on lunches. I do a tv dinner every day. And I need to work on dinner because we do a lot of easy foods at home in the interest of time. I think my kids recognize the Hand on the Hamburger Helper box! But that has nothing to do with eating healthy (because it’s NOT) or not (and on HH days, I usually bake some tilapia for myself – my poor malnurished children). And the truth is, if I actually cooked a real dinner, I’d be spending less money. And if I stored some of that dinner and ate it the next day, I’d be saving money *and* having less sodium. So I’m back to the lie. It is not more expensive to eat what’s good for your body.

So there.

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