I willed it.
October 3rd, 2006 by Anna

Jonathan doesn’t believe me. Last night I told him I was willing my weight to be lower this morning. I furrowed my brow and concentrated on my weight willing it to go down… down. Well it worked! I was down a pound! Whoo hoo! I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I totally have sodium under control. Or that I’m drinking all of my water plus more. It’s not because I’m keeping my calorie intake down (but not TOO down) and doing a good job balancing carbs, proteins and fats. And it’s SURE not because I’m making sure to have fresh produce every day. Or that I’m eating when I’m hungry and not when I’m not. That had nothing to do with it. It’s because I willed it to be. Really.

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  • lin writes:
    October 3rd, 20069:00 pmat

    Don’t you just wish it really were that easy to lower your weight….just will it away!!! Congratulations, Anna! Whatever you do, don’t give up. You’ve got people like me who enjoy reading about your progress. (Love your sense of humor too!) I’m still losing the weight. I also visit sparkpeople once in awhile, but I’m not worrying about balancing anything (ie carbs, proteins)or monitoring sodium intake. I just continue keeping track of calorie intake and exercising every day if I can. 12 weeks into this…33.6 pounds down. Hooray for me! Hooray for you! Now let me go furrow my brow and concentrate on lowering my weight…..

  • Anna writes:
    October 4th, 20068:13 amat

    I’m not giving up. But I must admit I do wish I could do the ol’ I Dream of Jeanie cross my arms and blink and *poof* be at goal. I’ve never been very patient.

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