Do those work?
September 13th, 2006 by Anna

I was paying for my groceries at Walmart today. I was doing the self-check thing and a lady behind me asks, “Do those work?” She was referring to my Pria bars. I assured her that I thought they tasted pretty good and they’re good for you, too. But what she was asking was if the bars help you lose weight. We’ve heard it all before. Do diet pills work? Slim Fast? Hypnosis? How about that ear staple? Well, I’ve tried them. I tried the diet pills. I’ve tried Slim Fast. I’ve even tried the ear staple – a lot more recently than I care to admit and no, it didn’t work. Everyone wants something that works. When I got my ear staple back in May… I think it was May… I wanted so bad for it to work. I wanted some magic way for my head to know that my stomach was full. And I wanted my stomach to be really ticked off with me if it got over full. Well dang that staple didn’t do squat. Maybe it really does work for some people, maybe. But for me all it did was tell me that there’s no quick fix. That the right thing to do has been the right thing all along. I was talking to a co-worker about the staple. She didn’t have one. She was so hoping to hear it helped me lose a lot of weight. She was disappointed to hear it didn’t. And she said she’d tried hypnosis and that didn’t work for her. She said, “Anna, there’s got to be something that works.” Know what works? Diet and exercise. Let me say that again. DIET AND EXERCISE. Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants as a reminder. Or in my case, an ear staple. By the way, if you’ve already gotten an ear staple, I highly recommend when you give up on it, that you have someone with the proper tools take it out. Someone ≠ Jonathan. Proper tools ≠ needlenose plyers.

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