Pleasantly surprised
September 6th, 2006 by Anna

I mentioned a good-sized drop in weight and that I wasn’t expecting it to stay but it was nice to see. Well, I had another drop after that and I was expecting to go up again. This morning I realized I’ve been hovering around the same weight for the last four days or so. The same LOWER weight. The weight never jumped back up. Whoo hoo!

I still have a LOT of weight to get back to goal, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure happy that it’s less than it was. And now that I realize that I’ve had a wee bit of a plateau at a weight I didn’t think I was at for good yet which means… which MEANS I’m about to drop again to even lower! Yippee me!

I’m still feeling better and frankly I look at the mirror and glare at my reflection because I feel much skinnier than I look right now. I think look and think, “hey! That’s not ME!” But that’s okay, because what I see will reflect what I feel soon enough. I’ve never liked the mirror much anyway. I’ve mentioned that evil here.

I think Jonathan probably likes that I think I look better than I do. But I’ll leave that subject alone. :)

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  • Karen writes:
    September 6th, 200610:00 pmat

    I have the same feeling when I look in the mirror.

    I think the reverse was why I let myself get so heavy this time…what I saw wasn’t in line with what I was thinking. Before, I was thinking that I didn’t look that bad, until I saw just HOW bad it was getting.

    I told a friend the other day that I wanted to get the outside of me looking like the inside of me feels. I feel like I’m a size 10, but I’m definitely not a size 10. (I can, however, now s-q-u-e-e-z-e into the size 10 slacks, whereas just two months ago, I couldn’t even get them up over my rear. Progress!)

    Isn’t SparkPeople fabulous? Aren’t friends just fabulous? And husbands that rock — FABULOUS!

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