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September 4th, 2006 by Anna

Okay, Weight Watchers was really good to me. I lost 76 pounds with Weight Watchers, and I felt so good doing it. I met great people, I gained healthier habits, and I got into a size 4. Then I had a daughter, and Weight Watchers was good to me again. Then I had a son, and Weight Watchers WOULD have been good to me but I didn’t go to meetings and I didn’t have my heart in it. I got to goal but I creeped back up. I’ve told that story before. So that brings us to the present.

I’ve been counting points daily, but only to put in the food journal at the side bar over there —>. I’ve really not been following Weight Watchers. I’ve been doing SparkPeople. You’d think that I was getting kickbacks from them for mentioning them so much lately, but seriously, it’s awesome.

Weight Watchers me: “I’ll have fat free popcorn so I can eat lots of it”
SparkPeople me: “Did you know oranges have potassium?! If I eat an orange, I’ll have fiber, vitamin C and POTASSIUM!”

Weight Watchers me: “Mmm.. fudge cookies in a 100 calorie pack.”
SparkPeople me: “The fudge cookies really have no redeeming qualities except taste. I’ll have a Health Smart bar and get some fiber and potassium”

Weight Watchers me: “I can exercise so I can eat more.”
SparkPeople me: “I can do ten more minutes of cardio and get 2 more SparkPoints [which do nothing for me but make me smile that I earned them.”

Weight Watchers me: “I’ve had a lot of points today.”
SparkPeople me: “My protein, carbs and fiber don’t have a very good balance today. I need to eat some meat.”

I haven’t lost any more or less weight being more focused on SparkPeople than I would have with Weight Watchers, but I FEEL so much better. Like it really IS a lifestyle change. I’m making healthier choices and re-learning to think like the skinny person I am inside.

To Weight Watchers credit, they do talk about a balance and making healthy choices, not just choices that “cost” less in points. But SparkPeople is ALL about healthy choices.

And I didn’t believe it when I was told, but it’s FUN to get those worthless points. You can’t get anything for them, you can’t eat more for them, you can’t buy anything with them. They mean nothing to anybody but you, but it sure is fun try to rack them up!

Which, by the way, I do get points if people say I referred them (ahnmyweigh – NOT onmyweigh), but I truly get excited FOR someone that joined SparkPeople under my name and care so much less about the points. Whenever my little SparkPoints tell me someone registered, I think, “Oh good! I hope they like it! I hope they give it a chance and stick with it!” I’m not sure I would have revisited the site after the initial start up if my friend hadn’t reminded me about it. Man, do I OWE her!

So here’s the gratuitious link so you can get healthier, too!

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