I’m alive.
Sep 27th, 2006 by Anna

I’m just swamped. I’m trying to be okay with the slooooooooooow weight loss because more importantly I’m eating healthfully, but the truth is, I’m frustrated with that. If I were more willing and able to work out, I know that would make a huge difference. But I’m not there right now. But I’m plodding along. Plodding along.

No worries.
Sep 15th, 2006 by Anna

Umm… yeah… I don’t really have E. coli. I don’t think. Probably get me back to goal pretty quick, but nah. Thanks for your concerns.

My stomach hurts.
Sep 14th, 2006 by Anna

WASHINGTON – An outbreak of E. coli in eight states has left at least one person dead and 50 others sick, federal health officials said Thursday in warning consumers not to eat bagged fresh spinach.

E. coli cases traced to bagged spinach – Yahoo! News

So I read this the day after I scarf down on a yummy tortilla wrapped around cheese, chicken and *bagged spinach*. I was so proud of myself for even adding spinach because normally I wouldn’t have. It takes effort to add something and I used to not care so much about nutrition, but just staying under my points. But here I am adding spinach because it’s green and healthy. And now I have E. Coli. That’s just GREAT.

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Do those work?
Sep 13th, 2006 by Anna

I was paying for my groceries at Walmart today. I was doing the self-check thing and a lady behind me asks, “Do those work?” She was referring to my Pria bars. I assured her that I thought they tasted pretty good and they’re good for you, too. But what she was asking was if the bars help you lose weight. We’ve heard it all before. Do diet pills work? Slim Fast? Hypnosis? How about that ear staple? Well, I’ve tried them. I tried the diet pills. I’ve tried Slim Fast. I’ve even tried the ear staple – a lot more recently than I care to admit and no, it didn’t work. Everyone wants something that works. When I got my ear staple back in May… I think it was May… I wanted so bad for it to work. I wanted some magic way for my head to know that my stomach was full. And I wanted my stomach to be really ticked off with me if it got over full. Well dang that staple didn’t do squat. Maybe it really does work for some people, maybe. But for me all it did was tell me that there’s no quick fix. That the right thing to do has been the right thing all along. I was talking to a co-worker about the staple. She didn’t have one. She was so hoping to hear it helped me lose a lot of weight. She was disappointed to hear it didn’t. And she said she’d tried hypnosis and that didn’t work for her. She said, “Anna, there’s got to be something that works.” Know what works? Diet and exercise. Let me say that again. DIET AND EXERCISE. Sometimes it takes a kick in the pants as a reminder. Or in my case, an ear staple. By the way, if you’ve already gotten an ear staple, I highly recommend when you give up on it, that you have someone with the proper tools take it out. Someone ≠ Jonathan. Proper tools ≠ needlenose plyers.

Back to web journal
Sep 12th, 2006 by Anna

Back by popular demand (or was that husband-request?). I’m updating that journal over there —>. It does help me keep on track realizing that other people might be reading what I eat and Jonathan says it helps him plan HIS evening in regards to food knowing how my day has already been. So there ya have it. But I’m not putting points because I’m not even tracking THAT anymore.

Sep 10th, 2006 by Anna

So I decided to track sodium. I should have left myself blissfully ignorant. It’s not outragious, but it’s been over recommended daily. I still don’t think I should have gained a pound over it because I didn’t have any unusual amount of sodium/salt on the day, but certainly overall it’s too much. I’m still just tracking. In a few days I’ll start trying to do something about it.

That’s just WRONG!
Sep 7th, 2006 by Anna

I was up a full POUND from yesterday. Grrr!! I think God has a sense of humor.

Pleasantly surprised
Sep 6th, 2006 by Anna

I mentioned a good-sized drop in weight and that I wasn’t expecting it to stay but it was nice to see. Well, I had another drop after that and I was expecting to go up again. This morning I realized I’ve been hovering around the same weight for the last four days or so. The same LOWER weight. The weight never jumped back up. Whoo hoo!

I still have a LOT of weight to get back to goal, don’t get me wrong, but I’m sure happy that it’s less than it was. And now that I realize that I’ve had a wee bit of a plateau at a weight I didn’t think I was at for good yet which means… which MEANS I’m about to drop again to even lower! Yippee me!

I’m still feeling better and frankly I look at the mirror and glare at my reflection because I feel much skinnier than I look right now. I think look and think, “hey! That’s not ME!” But that’s okay, because what I see will reflect what I feel soon enough. I’ve never liked the mirror much anyway. I’ve mentioned that evil here.

I think Jonathan probably likes that I think I look better than I do. But I’ll leave that subject alone. :)

A new POV
Sep 4th, 2006 by Anna

Okay, Weight Watchers was really good to me. I lost 76 pounds with Weight Watchers, and I felt so good doing it. I met great people, I gained healthier habits, and I got into a size 4. Then I had a daughter, and Weight Watchers was good to me again. Then I had a son, and Weight Watchers WOULD have been good to me but I didn’t go to meetings and I didn’t have my heart in it. I got to goal but I creeped back up. I’ve told that story before. So that brings us to the present.

I’ve been counting points daily, but only to put in the food journal at the side bar over there —>. I’ve really not been following Weight Watchers. I’ve been doing SparkPeople. You’d think that I was getting kickbacks from them for mentioning them so much lately, but seriously, it’s awesome.

Weight Watchers me: “I’ll have fat free popcorn so I can eat lots of it”
SparkPeople me: “Did you know oranges have potassium?! If I eat an orange, I’ll have fiber, vitamin C and POTASSIUM!”

Weight Watchers me: “Mmm.. fudge cookies in a 100 calorie pack.”
SparkPeople me: “The fudge cookies really have no redeeming qualities except taste. I’ll have a Health Smart bar and get some fiber and potassium”

Weight Watchers me: “I can exercise so I can eat more.”
SparkPeople me: “I can do ten more minutes of cardio and get 2 more SparkPoints [which do nothing for me but make me smile that I earned them.”

Weight Watchers me: “I’ve had a lot of points today.”
SparkPeople me: “My protein, carbs and fiber don’t have a very good balance today. I need to eat some meat.”

I haven’t lost any more or less weight being more focused on SparkPeople than I would have with Weight Watchers, but I FEEL so much better. Like it really IS a lifestyle change. I’m making healthier choices and re-learning to think like the skinny person I am inside.

To Weight Watchers credit, they do talk about a balance and making healthy choices, not just choices that “cost” less in points. But SparkPeople is ALL about healthy choices.

And I didn’t believe it when I was told, but it’s FUN to get those worthless points. You can’t get anything for them, you can’t eat more for them, you can’t buy anything with them. They mean nothing to anybody but you, but it sure is fun try to rack them up!

Which, by the way, I do get points if people say I referred them (ahnmyweigh – NOT onmyweigh), but I truly get excited FOR someone that joined SparkPeople under my name and care so much less about the points. Whenever my little SparkPoints tell me someone registered, I think, “Oh good! I hope they like it! I hope they give it a chance and stick with it!” I’m not sure I would have revisited the site after the initial start up if my friend hadn’t reminded me about it. Man, do I OWE her!

So here’s the gratuitious link so you can get healthier, too!

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