I feel the Spark!
August 8th, 2006 by Anna

Okay, I’ve been registered for about a week now… maybe a little longer, and I finally decided it’s time to say I like this site! And it’s worth posting about! I’ll post a link on the “Tools I’ve Found” page, but I didn’t find this tool. My Rosary-praying, weight-losing, podcast listenin’, family lovin’ friend, Karen, told me about it! Awesome site! Click here to go to This is a free diet plan creater, calorie tracker, fitness program, digital social network, meal planner, advice giver, all rolled up into one. I was apprehensive at first because there is just SO much information here and you can track SO much I was more than a little overwhelmed. But I kept going back and looking at a little here, a little there, tracking a bit of this and a bit of that, and now, frankly, I might just drop counting points and go to using this site. Their planner counts calories, but also carbs, fat and protein to help you get a good balance. You can add other goals to track if you need more fiber or calcium. Whatever. It works how you want it. For every little thing you do, you get SparkPoints. You can’t do anything with them except brag about them. But it does get fun to try to build up your points! I’m really enjoying it! So thank you, Karen! If you decide to check it out, I’m AhnMyWeigh there (OnMyWeigh was taken! Phooey!). “Ahn” is a nickname of mine so it was a fun play on the name. Anyway, I don’t post to the community boards much at ALL, but say hi if you see me!

Oh, and I get 10 points for each referral, but you don’t do anything with the points, like I said. So please don’t think I’ve gone commercial on you!

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  • Karen writes:
    August 9th, 20068:58 pmat

    I’m so glad you’re loving this. I just can’t wait to work out and log my activities each day–just to get those points. I also find myself eating more servings of fruits and vegetables and getting the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night so my Healthy Lifestyle Scale stays in the “Very Healthy” range!

    I agree, though, that it can be overwelming at first, but if you spend as much time on the computer as you and I do, it’s the ideal solution for keeping our goals in front of our faces! And that can only mean one thing–success!

    Good luck with your journey, and I’m so glad I met ya, Anna!

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