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July 31st, 2006 by Anna

This week I’ll stay in points. Bleah. That stinks. It just seems like so little food. Last week was another bust on the points thing. I didn’t keep very good track at all. And I think part of the reason is because I’d given myself permission to go OVER points – I just had to keep track of them. So it was really easy to tell myself, “well, it doesn’t matter what I eat anyway, so I’m just not going to point it.” I’m really good at playing mind games with myself. *sigh* So this week, I gotta stay in points.

As for exercise. I did two of three last week. I had great intentions for Friday but the day did not go according to plan. If I don’t get the exercise in before picking the kids up from daycare, it’s likely not going to happen. Nathan just doesn’t let me pedal and it’s too danged hot to go on a family walk.

I’m seriously considering joining a gym. It’s just such an expense. A big *ouch* to our pocketbook. As usual, my husband is extremely supportive, though. So really the only thing weighing on my decision is if I can work the workouts into my already crammed schedule. I think if I pick at least one day a week to leave work right at 3:20pm, when I’m officially off the clock, I can get to the gym by 3:40 and get working out by 3:50. I’ll say 4 just to be on the safe side. Then I can work out for a good solid hour – maybe even another 15 minutes  – and go straight to pick up the wee ones from daycare. The problem will be dinner because my kids get hungry early and I’ll have spent no time getting dinner ready. So maybe that will be a crockpot day or a canned food day. I can work out Saturday mornings… feed the kids breakfast and take them with me because there’s free daycare there with a big playscape for the kids. And if they didn’t want to go, they could stay home with Jonathan. But Jonathan pointed out that when soccer starts back up, Saturday mornings are taken. I could go Saturday afternoons… But then I have to worry about the wee ones’ naps. I just have to figure out a schedule before I commit to the money because I can’t afford to waste the money… I’m not even convinced that it’s not too hard a hit for us anyway…

Why can’t anything ever be easy?

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  • Alison writes:
    July 31st, 200612:08 pmat

    OK–Don’t give up now because I’ve been doing the same thing you have letting myself “deserve” an extra point here or there. And I too this week have decided no more! I have a recommendation for the crunched schedule–I don’t have children yet but I did attend college full time and work full time for three years, I just finished in May. There is a workout video–Leslie Sansone–not sure about spelling but you walk a mile or more depending on tapes in 30 min.s Her walk and jog is a great workout in just a few min.s. Plus $10 vs. a gym fee is more budget friendly. She has everything from beginning walking to her version of pilates. It’s worth checking out and something you can do before the kids wake. Hope this helps! And keep writing EVERYTHING down, and I will too.

  • Anna writes:
    July 31st, 200612:22 pmat

    Alison, I’ll look into the video. I’m not very good at getting up early enough to work out at all and I can’t walk during the day yet because of the heat. When it gets cooler here, I’ll walk around the school a few times during my lunch like I used to. I’m not clear if this is something I listen to to pace while I walk/jog or it’s something I watch? I’ll google and see. Defnitely cheaper than a gym membership!

  • Heather writes:
    August 1st, 20066:31 amat

    Phew – a lot of pressure to make all of these changes – pointing, exercise, weight loss, etc. Set yourself up for success – what is one thing that you can change, accomplish and then feel good about?? Go for that! I have some of the Leslie Sansone videos – 1, 2, and 3 mile workouts. They are really good and not too time consuming.

  • Anna writes:
    August 1st, 20069:57 amat

    Yeah, you’re right. I put so much on myself at once that when I fail, I feel like I fail big and I tend to throw up my hands in defeat. Not this time!

    Hubby recommended that I put off the gym idea for a bit and see what little bits I can commit to first. It may just be too much pressure, both time and money, for me to deal with right now.

  • Alison writes:
    August 1st, 200611:28 amat

    Leslie Sansone has videos that you watch and do in your house. I like the fact that I can walk in my house during the evenings because like you said it’s just TOO hot outside and I agree with Heather about setting small goals!

  • Deanna writes:
    August 7th, 20062:02 pmat

    Hello, Anna! Dear husband sent me to your site!

    Isn’t this always the struggle! I did WW after my second kid and it worked great. Lost 30 pounds in four months. Tried it a second time a ways back and it did not work whatsoever. I counted, stayed in points limits, ran 4 times a week and finally realized–okay, what worked at 30 does not always work at 36.

    I’m going to try NIA workouts (you can pay by the class until you decide you like it) when the kids start school again so that I can get more lean muscle to correct my dead metabolism after starving too hard. 22 points a day turned out to be unwise for me. Now I’m more focused on being strong than skinny. And I try not to reward myself with food. Shoes! I buy shoes.

    It’s all a battle. Every day. Every time you buy clothes. Compare yourself to other women. Worry about diabetes. I know it well.

    Good luck on your journey!

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