Two thirds of the way there!
July 26th, 2006 by Anna

I wish that were true of my weight, but I’m talking about my goal. My week starts on Monday so really I have to get through today with pointing to be two thirds of the way to my goal of pointing daily. Monday I pointed but I was sure having to write a lot. Ooops…
BUT, yesterday I went to go watch Madelynn at gymnastics and decided to walk there. I realized I was getting there too fast so I zig-zagged through the neighborhood so I could keep my brisk pace (could talk in spurts but not carry on a good conversation) and not end too quickly. It was a good thirty minute walk. And today, Madelynn forgot her blanket at daycare so I walked there and back. I was shy a couple of minutes to reach 20 so I walked in and got on the recumbant bike immediately to finish off to 20. Yay!

Using the iPod has been awesome! I prayed the Rosary yesterday and today both. Yesterday, I’d finished the Sorrowful Mysteries so I just started listening to a podcast I’d downloaded. I find I like listening to talking much more than music when I’m getting exercise. I like music, but it doesn’t get to me to thinking, really. If I can be thinking, I’ll kind of forget I’m getting exercise, and that seems to be key.

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  • Lin writes:
    July 26th, 200610:31 amat

    2 1/2 weeks ago I put myself on a diet not forgetting to include exercise to get in shape. I found your website via a link from the weight tracker website. Your story helped motivate me to really get serious. I was impressed by the pictures that showed your progress. Need less to say, I was happy to see you’re back (not happy for you that you need to be back) but happy because I’m enjoying reading about your journey to reclaiming your body. I’m off to a great start by the way. 8 pounds down in 2 1/2 weeks. All I’m doing is eating healthy – writing everything down I put in my mouth, and avoiding all those snacky foods I don’t need. I’m also trying to drink more water – something I’m not very good at doing. I also dusted off my treadmill and have been doing 30 minutes of walking every day. So far so good. Good luck to you!! Are you going to post your weight loss progress??

  • Anna writes:
    July 26th, 20061:24 pmat

    Oh gosh… I’m not sure I have enough guts to post my current progress. I’m so embarrassed. Give me a couple or few weeks…

    8 pounds is AWESOME, girl! Keep up the great work!

  • Jonathan writes:
    July 28th, 200610:10 amat

    She is definitely making progress just by seeing the sparkle of determination and commitment in her eye again improves her look 100 fold! Out with that woe is her in with the she is in charge her!

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