Two steps forward, three steps back.
July 24th, 2006 by Anna

So week one in the journey back to me was not what I’d call a success. It started off just fine. I was eating into banked, but by mid-week I was hitting right at my number for the day. And I wasn’t starving. And I was pointing out everything – good or bad. And for exercise I didn’t start off very good, but I did manage by mid-week to have one 25 minute ride on the recumbant bike and than one other 10 minute ride (interrupted by the kids).

But the end of the week… yikes. See, we took our mostly annual trip to Lake Kiowa to spend the weekend with my husband’s family. And there’s a lot of snacky foods there. And I got a little more than carried away. And I didn’t point anything. And I didn’t get any exercise. The thing is, I could have done both. My goal for the week was not to stay in points – it was just to write out and point everything I ate. But if I did that, I wouldn’t have overeaten, and that’s apparently what I had in mind. I’m not sure how many of those little round brownies I ate, but it was shameful. If I’d at least written them, I know I would have had much less. My excuse to myself was that I didn’t want anyone seeing that I was pointing things out. Yeah, I don’t buy that either.

And exercise? That would have been a cinch. My sister-in-law went jogging in the morning. I could have easily gone with her. Probably would have slowed her down, but I could have gone for a walk at least. Or played soccer with the kids. Or borrowed a bike. No… I sat my lazy butt on the dock or the deck and watched everyone ELSE be active.

So while I was headed for a huge week as far as weight loss… That’s not exactly what happened. In fact, it’s kind of opposite of what happened.

So this week’s goals are the same as the last. But this time I’ll really do it. I have no excuses. Period.

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