Gonna pray the weight away…
July 19th, 2006 by Anna

Part of why I hate exercise currently is I get impatient and bored. I can do the recumbant bike watching TV, but that quickly bores me. Mostly I get restless just pedaling and the TV isn’t enough to keep me entertained. I can’t read while riding because that makes me a little seasick. I can’t do TaeBo because it attracts too much attention from the little ones and they like to try to duck under my legs as I kick only sometimes they’re not fast enough. Please don’t call CPS. Besides, TaeBo is enough action that I’m not restless but the actual DVD itself bores me, too. I’d rather be watching a TV show, which I already said kinda bores me. Maybe I can picture in picture the TaeBo while watching something else… Hmm… Anyway, I can’t bike ride right now. 103 degrees F is just too hot. I could go to Curves or another gym but there’s travel time and the issue of childcare.

Anyway, I need to work on my spiritual goals as well as my health ones. So I’m going to combine the two. If I take the time that I’m exercising to be praying as well, I won’t be clock watching. I won’t be bored. I figure one set of mysteries of the Rosary is a little over 20 minutes. Perfect! I even have the Rosary on DVD (so I don’t need a counter, like beads). Just today I imported to my laptop and downloaded to my iPod which means I put in my headphones and block out the world a bit. Of course as I type this Nathan is hogging the iPod to watch Dora… but he’ll be asleep soon. And then I can pray! And exercise!

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