Dang it… she said it…
July 18th, 2006 by Anna

On a short road trip today…

Madelynn (age 4): “Mommy, were you married before Nathan was born or before I was born?
Me: “Daddy and I were married even way before Meghan was born.”
Madelynn: “And were you fat?”
Me: “Well, I don’t think I was fat. I was heavier but I got skinny after Meghan was born.”
Madelynn: “And now you’re fat because your older and you can’t be skinny?”

One of my reasons for weight loss the first time around was because I never wanted Meghan (she was the only kid at the time) to ever have to use the word “fat” to describe me. I didn’t want her to be embarrassed by her mother. But it’s official, I’m fat again. Maddie said so. Now she didn’t say it ugly. She said it very matter of factly. And that feels worse. My response, though was to tell her with firm definitiveness (is that a word?)

Me: “No, I CAN be skinny. I WILL be skinny again.”
Madelynn: “When?”
Me: “Well, I’m working on that right now!”

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