A weighs to go…
March 17th, 2004 by Anna

Well, I’m doing really well getting back to me. I’ve lost over eight pounds in a week. I don’t believe that’s too fast, either. A lot of that was still residual baby fat from the pregnancy. My milk supply is good – maybe too good, but that might be too much information for most of you – so I’m not worried about Nathan’s health. I don’t think I’ll keep up this weight loss pace, but it sure is nice for now!

I added a food find to my web page today. They’re muffins from YUM!! They sent me a sample AGES ago and I forgot they were in my freezer. I had a couple this morning and I think I’m hooked! Check them out!

A reminder for anyone that emails me… check out the warning on my home page. I have a very aggressive SPAM filter and if I don’t respond, it’s likely I didn’t get your email. Other than commenting to journal entries, the way to make sure I read your mail is to use the link on my main page and leave the subject heading of your email alone. I hate to think some of you might not be getting responses from me…

Well, Nathan calls, gotta nurse the baby. He’s a boob man… like his daddy. Ha ha!

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  • Roberta writes:
    March 17th, 200412:02 pmat

    Congratulations on the baby and for getting your motivation to loose weight back so quickly. I remember loosing a lot easily the first few weeks after I had mine. Then reality sets in! Enjoy it while it lasts.

    One suggestion for clothes as you are getting your body back – thrift stores. Whenever I have time to kill at lunch I’ll browse around a thrift store and have found some incredible stuff. It is hit or miss though.

    Best of luck and I’m looking forward to following your progress. You have been so motivating!

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