Oh… that’s *heartburn* not hunger!
February 17th, 2004 by Anna

I feel like a dope. The last three weeks at least, I’ve been hungry… REALLY hungry in the evenings. Doesn’t matter how much I’d eaten already. I thought it was a pregnancy thing, and I tried to fill the pangs. But a few minutes after eating, and I’d been hungry again. Hmm… Well, the other day it occurred to me… That’s not hunger, that’s HEARTBURN! I’ve suffered from GERD for the better part of ten years, but it’s always as severe chest pains. Apparently my stomach acids creeped up in my esophagus. If I had thought about it, I would have realized that the “hunger pangs” were a little high. But I think I wanted them to be hunger. *sigh* I gotta go buy some TUMS now…

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  • Roberta writes:
    February 17th, 20046:43 pmat

    Oh, the joys of pregnancy! But all of those little quirks are SO worth it at the end. Best of luck to you while you’re coming down the home stretch. I hope you have a healthy, happy baby. I’m looking forward to your weight loss posts when you move back into that stage. For now, just focus on being healthy!

  • Tuawana writes:
    February 18th, 20042:03 pmat

    I had forgotten I had been to your site at one point and I began my WW journey in the end of June of 2003. I am a short one at only 5ft2in and when I started I was 199. I got down to around 168 and want to get down to around 120. I live in Ohio and with this yucky weather I have gotten down on myself and been eating badly and have gone up to 174 and am slowly trying to head down on the scale again. Your site has inspired me again and I am excited to get back on track!! Good luck with the pregnancy!!!

    Tuawana :O)

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