Less than two months…
January 12th, 2004 by Anna

… and I should be on my weigh again, to my old/new body. Or is that my new/old body? Whatever. On my weigh back to goal.

The pregnancy is going pretty well. I appreciate the kind comments and well wishes. We’re not planning on finding out the sex until the big day. Everyone is telling me I’m carrying a boy, but they said that for Madelynn and she’s definitely a girl. The Chinese calendar was right for both girls and says this one will be a girl, too. Who knows? I’m more interested in healthy than what’s between the legs anyway.

I’ll continue to post periodically. When I get back on program for real, though, that’s when I’ll be more regular at blogging. Thanks for hanging in there!

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  • James writes:
    February 14th, 20045:09 amat

    Happy Valentine’s Day: We miss you, Anna! =) I hope you’re doing well and taking care of yourself. Thanks again for this site and everything on it!

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