August 21st, 2003 by Anna

Well, realizing that if I continued on the path that I was taking would cause me to have to pay for meetings after I have this baby… Realizing that I would be starting over somewhat in my weightloss journey… Watching coworkers “try” to diet while eating very naughty things in very naughty portions… I think I’m back on track for myself. I’m down a few pounds – which is good even though I’m pregnant – but more importantly, I’m making better choices (LOTS better) and I’m not feeling starved doing it.

I’m excited about Weight Watchers’ new FlexPoints program! I haven’t gone to a meeting since right when I got back from Puerto Rico (can’t now) and only found out through an email friend. I’m hoping I can go to a meeting tonight and get the program info. If not, I’m going to beg off of someone out there to give me specific information. :)

Off to eat my apple. I forgot how much I love them!!

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