Here we go again…
August 3rd, 2003 by Anna

I’ll continue to post about my food and eating issues, but I won’t be posting about my weigh-ins for awhile. At least not until…. March or so. That’s about when I’ll be rejoining Weight Watchers. See, they make you quit when you’re pregnant. :)

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  • Amy writes:
    August 3rd, 20037:58 pmat

    CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news!

  • Michelle writes:
    August 6th, 20036:33 amat

    That’s wonderful news!! You are the third person I have heard about in the last two days that is having to take a vacation from weight loss because of babies!! What a great reason!!! :) Good luck!!!

  • Zippy writes:
    August 6th, 20039:19 pmat

    Great news! Congratulations!

  • Vanessa writes:
    August 7th, 20033:39 pmat

    Stumbled across your website today and am SOOO impressed!!

    Congratulations on the pregnancy. Guess Puerto Rico was great for things other than food!!

  • Renee writes:
    August 7th, 20038:37 pmat

    Yay!!! Congrats!

  • Emily writes:
    August 12th, 20033:00 pmat

    I read awhile ago your comment on “counting points forever” I don’t think it is unfair. Would you rather be overweight, shopping in plus sizes, depressed, alone, and unhealthy OR COUNTING POINTS?! You get more points to maintain! If you are maintaining and working out, you can almost eat as good as a normal person. I’ve also reflected on your stress problem. My Mom was diagnosed with cancer, many doctors and family members believe it was because of stress. Since doing yoga she feels healthier than ever. Also, saturated fat effects stressful people 3 times as much as non-stressful people. Especially now that you are pregnant considering doing yoga would be very helpful. Good luck with all.

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