Feeling Grim & Grumpy
May 29th, 2003 by Anna

A warning: I’m feeling quite sorry for myself today, so take this posting with a heavy dose of salt – a grain just won’t do. All through my journal, and on my site, I say that Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change. That these changes are life changes. If you go to other people’s weight loss sites, particularly WW, you see the same theme. They are making life changes – not dieting temporarily. The other day I was going out on a work errand and got volunteered to pick up lunch for the office. I was taking everyone’s order and at the same time, looking up the points for the restaurant we had chosen. As usual, I had the full range of comments, “Oh you don’t need to worry about points!” “You’re still doing Weight Watchers?” “Oh, Anna, you’re so good! I’m so impressed with you keeping track still.” “You can take a day off, can’t you?” But there was one comment – a question, actually – that made me pause. “You’re going to be doing this for the rest of your life, aren’t you?” My immediate response was, “Yes, I am.” But it’s been bothering me ever since. Why do I have to count points for the rest of my life? That just doesn’t seem fair! I have coworkers that are skinny minis and they never count points! I have larger coworkers that just don’t care (or at least they don’t seem to). Am I really going to be 60 and still counting points?! I would hope that by then I’ll have it all figured out and won’t actually have to journal, but it’s been close to two years since I reached goal and I still don’t have it figured out yet. I still have to journal to stay at my goal weight. This really bummed me out. It’s not that I won’t do this. I know it’s right for my body. But the way she said it… “the rest of your life.” I know it’s not really any different that someone that has to take, say, heart medication for the rest of their life. It’s something they have to do to stay healthy. But it’s still not fair.

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