Stressed spelled backwards…
April 25th, 2003 by Anna

I am stressed. I’m not sure I could be any more stressed. The stress is coming from so many directions… it’s 3-D stress, I tell ya. And do you know what I want to do? I want to eat. I want to stuff my face. I want to gorge on sweets and junk until I HURT I’m so full. I want chocolate, and cookies, and… ice cream and cake and tacos, and hamburgers and… and… I want to just eat without worry and pretend it won’t hit my hips, it won’t touch my thighs, it won’t attack my …. butt. And the fact that I can’t do this is adding to my stress. I need a better de-stresser. My body has some built-in ones. I have GERD, which seems to be a manifestation of stress. I’ve had horrible bouts this week. I used to have ezcema in my fingers and toes so bad that I could just wiggle them and they’d crack and bleed. Lovely, huh? My doctor said that was stress induced as well. Then, I bite my nails. That’s quite attractive. Right now, I want to just eat. The question is… will I?

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  • Renee writes:
    April 25th, 20036:30 pmat

    {{{Anna}}}, from another nailbiter!

  • Roberta writes:
    April 25th, 20038:16 pmat

    Oh, Anna, I’m so sorry you are going through such tough times. We’ve all been there before and it’s no fun. Unfortunately I have no majic words of wisdom to help. The only thing I can say is that if you get to the other side of this without going totally out of control you will feel SO much better. I know it’s kind of ironic. Not being able to eat is adding to the stress. At the same time, if you allowed yourself to eat everything you want it would ALSO add to the stress, because you would feel so bad afterwards.

    Please post again soon and let us know how you are doing!

  • james writes:
    May 1st, 20038:01 amat

    You’re not alone. :) The only thing even close to keeping me on track right now is the fact that I printed out the weight loss chart you so kindly provided and taped it to my wall right here by the computer (where I do probably a good 90% of my eating). I need to be back on track. I’ve been OFF track for two and a half months following the death of my father in February. I’ve used almost every excuse in the book. What I haven’t bothered to think about, is where I’d be today if I had stayed on program. That’s ten weeks. Time to start rebuilding my lost ground.

    Hang in there :)

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