I got sneered at! Yay!
March 31st, 2003 by Anna

I went to my Weight Watcher’s meeting the other evening. I decided to stay through instead of just weighing in and leaving like I usually do. I was hoping for some tips or tricks and in that regard, I was disappointed. But something else came from the meeting… I went in, weighed in, visited with some of my friends, then went to sit in the meeting area. I sat down next to someone and looked around for more familiar faces. That’s when I caught a glimpse of it… “The Sneer.” I glanced around some more… and there it was again. I got sneered at. It was hardly noticeable, and if I hadn’t been guilty of giving The Sneer, I wouldn’t have recognized it. The Sneer is given by someone who is at least 50 pounds overweight, who is relatively new to Weight Watchers, and is given to someone who is at, or very close to goal. The thought behind The Sneer is, “What is she doing here? She doesn’t need to lose weight.” and “She can’t relate to me.” The newbies don’t yet realize the lifetime commitment this is, and they assume that the recipient of The Sneer was never as “fat” as they are. The Sneer caught me off-guard and I became extremely introverted all of a sudden. I felt bad for being there. Then my leader said something and I realized she was talking to me. She asked me to tell everyone how much weight I’d lost. I stammered through it… “I’m a Lifetime member and I’d lost 76 pounds when I got to my goal.” I got some ooohs and ahhhs and some applause and then Judy pointed out that I’d also had a baby and gotten back to goal. I glanced at the ladies that had given me The Sneer and they were looking at me with more of a shocked expression than anything else. I felt a little better, because I felt like they realized I did belong there.

So I went home and I was relaying this story to my husband. “I got sneered at a little and felt bad, but I know how they felt, too, because I used to sneer at skinny people, too.” That’s when Jonathan stopped me. “At what kind of people?” “I said I used to sneer at skinny peo-” Oh my… I just called myself “skinny.” Oh what a glorious day that was that I unconsciously called myself skinny!

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  • Erin writes:
    April 4th, 20031:48 pmat

    You go, girl!!! Keep the sneers coming—especially if it means that you get to think of yourself as skinny!

    You look awesome, and you’re doing great…Keep up the good work!

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