March 28th, 2003 by Anna

First, I should say that I firmly believe that, if you want to lose weight, you should want to do it for YOU, not for anyone else. Or else it just won’t happen. Or it won’t stay off, anyway. When I decided to lose the weight, I was doing it because I didn’t want my daughter to ever have to describe her mother has “fat.” It sounds like I was doing it for her, but it’s really for me. I wanted to be proud of my body and not be embarrassed at anyone’s description of me. I did it for me. BUT, I’m not so sure I could have done it without the incredible support of my husband.

Jonathan has been supportive of my weight loss since the first day I decided to do this. And just because I reached my goal, doesn’t mean he’s given up that support. Just the other day, I was turning into a snack monster, eating everything in site. I had the points for it, but I was quickly running out – and I have this horrible habit of really blowing it crazy if I blow it at all. I didn’t exactly *snap* at Jonathan, but I did get a bit snippy when he asked me, ever so cautiously, if I had the points for what I was eating. When I kept snacking, he commented again. I was snippy again. Instead of backing off… instead of snapping back, he put his arms around me and gently reminded me of my goal to never pay for a Weight Watchers meeting again. He told me that it was an awesome goal and he was so proud of my achievements and said how awful I would feel if I was overweight. He didn’t tell me he would be disappointed in me. He told me Iwould be disappointed in myself . And he was so right. I was able to refocus and put down the Trail Mix.

Not everyone is as lucky as I am, but if you don’t have support, FIND IT NOW. If you’re trying to lose weight on your own, without meetings or what-not, at least find a real life person that will nudge you in the right direction without being critical. If you can’t find that someone in real life, find someone on a bulletin board. Email ME. I think it’s important that your support person doesn’t say, “It’s okay to blow it once in awhile,” but rather, “yeah, you blew it but let’s move on.” And that that person reminds you how important this is to you.

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  • Renee writes:
    March 29th, 200311:45 amat

    I completely agree! I was just thinking about how fortunate I am to have my husband and my best friend. They’ve both been an important part of my success so far. I’m glad you have that kind of support, :o).

  • Gwen writes:
    March 29th, 20032:27 pmat


    I was sitting here alone on a Saturday afternoon [danger zone!] waiting for a load of laundry to finish and you popped into my head. First, it is a delight to ÐseeÓ you doing so well and blessed to have a supportive husband. Your journal entry really struck a chord for me. This is decidedly my thing but it helps that my DH quietly helps, too. I should let him know how much he helps.

    Continue to succeed

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