For the Love of God
March 10th, 2003 by Anna

I decided to take the easy way out. It’s Lent, and a time for self-reflection and sacrifice. So… I decided a way to keep myself on program would be to make it one of my Lenten promises. If I make a promise to myself, I only hurt myself when I break it. But if I make the promise to God… well, I really don’t want piss off the Big Man, do I? So like any good Catholic in preparation for Lent, I pigged out before Ash Wednesday. And boy, did I! It was Fat Sunday, Fat Monday and WAY Fat Tuesday. So I started Ash Wednesday a little on the heavy side. But I fasted (which really just means having one meal) on Wednesday, and I stayed very on program Thursday. Friday I ate into my banked points a little. Saturday a little more but I was still on program.

Then Sunday came. And I read the church bulletin. It was a question and answer sheet. The question was why we talk about the 40 days of Lent, but there are closer to 50 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Thursday. My first thought was, “Oh yeah! Holy THURSDAY is the last day of Lent.” Then Good Friday is another day of fasting… but that does leave the Saturday before Easter as a day to eat poorly. Obviously this is not a very good attitude on the start of my day… You might see where this is going… Well, the short answer is that Sundays aren’t a part of Lent. Which means your Lenten promises aren’t really broken if they aren’t kept on Sundays! Can you see where this is going now? Let’s just say, Fat Tuesday ain’t got nothing on I-Just-Realized-I-Can-Eat-Crazy-And-Not-Feel-Guilty Sunday! What the heck? In making the promise to God, I forgot that almost as important is the promise to myself. And now, Monday morning, I am back on the heavy side and feeling poorly about what I did. Lesson learned.

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