Mind Games: 1 – Anna: 0
February 11th, 2003 by Anna

I’ve been very bad the last few days. I can try to blame it on a lot of things, but really… who’s in control, right? So I’m not going to give the list of things I’d like to say are to blame for my poor choices. Starting right this second, I’m through with excuses and I’m going to follow my new rules for myself. But I’m so not sharing my food journal. LOL!

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  • james writes:
    February 11th, 20036:53 pmat

    I’ve been “selectively bad”. Last Tuesday was my last day of Weight Watcher’s meetings – I decided that the money I spent monthly going to meetings was MUCH better spent going to a gym.

    I had that particular brainstorm last Wednesday – nearly one week ago. And since, I’ve been to the gym… let’s see… F, S, M, M, T – Five times. And the biggest thing? I LIKE IT. I’m biking 4 miles and walking a mile, and I LIKE IT!! =)

    But that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve been bad a couple times lately. Mainly fast-food-lunch bad, but still. I have a decent idea what I can and can not have, and I think I do… fairly well. I certainly don’t have the kinds of things I USED to have, so I guess that’s a little bright spot.

  • Anna writes:
    February 12th, 200310:19 amat

    I guess I’m being “selectively” bad as well. I’m selecting to be bad. I really have a horrible attitude about it all and I need to shake myself out of this if I want to be okay for my next weigh in. I haven’t weighed in for February yet… It’s Mind Games: 3, Anna: 0 right now. GRRRR!!!!

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