February 4th, 2003 by Anna

I’m still trying to figure out what triggers me to over eat. Some days I’m completely aware that I’m going way over points, but I do nothing to curb my eating. Why? I tell myself that I deserve that chocolate, or I need those chips… Well, no, I’ve at least been smart enough to realize I don’t need to over eat… but I do tell myself I deserve to eat things. Or I’m having a bad day so I deserve this that will make me happy. I’ve said before, though, that I deserve to be in a body I’m proud of. I’ve had this same conversation with myself more times than I care of admit. I’m just having trouble making it sink in. Since I posted my food journal, I have gone over points more often than not. But I haven’t hit “critical mass” (yet?) and I’m getting back on track. The last few days I’ve really been good…

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  • CAROLE writes:
    February 7th, 20038:42 pmat

    I IAM REALLY having hard timelosing weightit seams that i try verything and nothing works then i get depress i did lose 30lb but can lose anymore its being 4 months now that its being same weight and driving me crazy what cani do to start losing again carole

  • Anna writes:
    February 12th, 200310:25 amat


    Keep hanging in there. Everyone reaches a plateau. Are you doing a particular program? If you’re doing Weight Watchers, do a search on the ‘net for Wendi’s Plan . Nevermind, I found it for you. Just click the link. It gives an idea that seems to work for some people when a plateau hits. But keep hanging in there. Find a support group, talk to your leader (assuming your in a program). It’s hard for ME to say what would work without knowing what you’re doing, you know? But I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!


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