An explanation?
February 2nd, 2003 by Anna

I was talking to Jonathan about the whole banana thing and he had an interesting theory and why that banana (and my morning coffe with Nestle’s hot chocolate mix) are so critical to the start of my day. He suggested that I have so many things going on in my life, so many other stresses and decisions to make on a daily basis, that my coffee and banana represent something that is supposed to just happen without thinking, something I can count on. The rest of my day can go to hell in a handbasket, but I have my coffee and banana. So when I don’t get my coffee or banana, that puts a spin on my day because that’s the one thing I’m supposed to be able to count on, the one thing I’m not supposed to have to decide. It just is. I think Jonathan’s right on. So what does that do for me? Well, realizing why I behave the way I do certainly helps me in correcting that behavior. I’m not going to say I’m suddenly going to be okay if I run out of hot chocolate mix or I forget my banana again, but I’ll be aware of why I have that bit of anxiety and can better force myself to adapt…

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  • Susan writes:
    February 20th, 200310:41 amat

    ok, I’m interested. What is the hot chocolate and coffee thing you talk about? Is it something that you mix together? I love my coffee in the morning but I hate non-fat creamers. Let’s just say I like coffee in my cream. I also love the Folgers instant Cafe’ Latte, but I don’t like to waste the points. Soooooo…. anyway let me know if you’ve found a way to mix the two together for a great combo.

  • Anna writes:
    February 20th, 200311:17 amat


    If you go to the Food Finds on my web site, you’ll find a info on the chocolate mix. I use Nestle’s Fat Free Rich Chocolate Flavor Hot Cocoa Mix with Calcium. It comes in individual packets and in a big can to scoop out. It’s 25 calories, 0 fat, 0 fiber, and has 30% calcium per serving. So you could have two servings for a point and have two of your WW calcium requirements. I actually don’t care for the flavor too much. You’re supposed to make it with water and it is NOT a “rich chocolate flavor” but it IS just enough for a cup of coffee to take the bitter out and give it a mocha flavor. I’m able to forgo the sugar/sweetener entirely and I normally hate coffee straight. I had four cups of coffee this morning, each with a serving of this milk mix. I now have 4 dairy servings on the day, and only “spent” two points. Not too bad

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