A Banana Will Lead Me
January 31st, 2003 by Anna

Why is it that I let a piece of fruit dictate my day? Let me explain… If you were to look at my food journal, you would see that nearly every weekday morning, I have a banana. I love bananas. They’re sweet, they’re filling, they’re healthy. It’s a perfect way to start my day. My routine is to drop a banana into my purse every morning on my way out the door. I try to wait until I’m actually at work to eat my banana, but some days I can’t wait and I eat it in the car. But I always have my banana… unless I forget. Like this particular morning. I was almost all the way to my daughter’s daycare, which is closer to work than to home, when I realized in my haste to get out the door, I forgot my banana. My first thought was to go back for it, but I’d already gone back for the chocolate that I put in my coffee and now I was much further from home and would be significantly late. I’m embarrassed to admit that my heart sank. I thought for sure my day would be completely blown as far as food was concerned. As if it wasn’t completely up to me as to what food choices I could make. As if that banana held some kind of power that would allow me to control my eating. So I’m working on that now. I’m working on being flexible to possible set backs and changes to my routine. I’m proud to say that it’s now nearly 3pm and I have enough points to have a sensible dinner and a little bit of ice cream for dessert. Yay me!

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