So What the Heck is My Problem?
January 23rd, 2003 by Anna

The day after I post my food journal, I go over points again? Hmm?! Again, I journaled. That’s the good part. I have to keep journaling. I tried to play with my points. I tried to change my points on an item after I’d gone over. “Well, that wasn’t really 9 points. I’ll bet it was only 7.” But I went back today and put it back to my original calculation. I mean, really. Do my hips go “I was going to put on half and inch for that piece of cake, but no, now that I think about it, since I’m going to have to add for that ice cream now too, I’ll just add a quarter of an inch.” I’m not fooling my body when I adjust my points to look better. I might fool my family, my friends, the readers of this journal. I might even convince myself. But my body knows. I need to start being brutally honest with myself. Man… just wait until I post this week’s food journal. *sigh*

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