I’m trying to work exercise back into my life.
January 15th, 2003 by Anna

Oh sure, I chase a 3 year old and a nearly 1 year old around the house, but I need something more formal. I had a half day off of work yesterday (waiting for Sears to deliver our new washer and dryer) so I did Tae-Bo. It felt so good to get moving. I’m not too sore today, either. If I can manage it, I’ll get up early in the mornings and work out. That’s going to depend a lot on my daughters, though.

I have to admit the biggest motivator for doing my Tae-Bo… It was because the application I use on my Palm to journal my food updated with an activity log. Instead of just putting in the number of points I get for excercise, I can enter the activity itself. Is that pathetic or what? I am a gadget queen. But hey, whatever got me moving, it doesn’t matter as long as I got moving, right?

I feel particularly good about myself today, despite my lack of sleep last night. Maybe it’s my new attitude, maybe it’s the few emails I’ve received regarding my site and my loss in the last few days. Whatever it is, I need to keep this feeling.

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