Food Journaling
January 5th, 2003 by Anna

Well, I think I’m going to try to be more regular with my journal again. It’s been two years (plus) now since I joined Weight Watchers. I’ve succeeded in my goal to never pay for a meeting, so far. But that’s really been with some creative timing of weigh-ins. I definitely have my ups and downs. I’m getting positive feedback from this web site, though, and that has helped me stay on track (or get back on track, sometimes). This is a new year, and I need a new outlook. It seems that my weight motto is, “I’m still a fat girl, I just have a smaller body.” This is true in that I still struggle daily to make the right food choices. But I realized today that this motto is flawed. It is allowing me to be a fat girl. “Oh, I went way over points today but what do you expect? I’m still a fat girl, I just have a smaller body.” I’ve been giving myself that out. So starting right this very second (I can’t start “today” because I’ve already been way over points today), I am throwing out that motto. I am not a fat girl. I will not be a fat girl. I am thin and beautiful and I know what I need to do to stay thin and beautiful. I’m going to keep updating this journal to help me stay accountable. Perhaps I’ll add a second journal with just my food diary. If I know anyone can see what I’m putting in my mouth, perhaps I’ll make better choices about what goes in it.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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